Somewhere to stick the bazillions of photos I take, and blogs mostly about pics:


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random photos I have nowhere to put…


Boo is my “serious” child…


Every time I try to take A’s pic, she suddenly looks up and smiles – she has some kind of 6th sense!


Sadly, this one isn’t my shot (it’s my sisters), but I love it. How many big too-cool teenagers would get down and dirty with a bro?


This was in Kelowna – these two have such a bond, I love it. Even their non-ice-cream hand is crunched the same way!


.a tidbit from one of our super-long walks – who knew things like this grew outside of fairy tales??


Tt got hold of a camera during some hotel down-time. His pictures were so off, all three of them were just laughing hysterically – which of course made it even worse for getting an actual shot off!


.I didn’t get many night shots of Venice (will have to get ’em on my next trip 🙂 ), but here are two. One.


.And Two.


The beach just agrees with the girls (this was evening in Lido, Italy) – I always get a stellar shot of each of them.


There were lots of great vball shots, but I liked this one – shows A’s personality!











This is one of the very few pics I love of myself. Other than the jellybelly (and the ghastly white legs), I think it looks like such a papparazzi shot – shades and all!





I love this shot because we were soaking wet, it was pouring rain all day in London, our hair was gross and it was THE WORST time to take a nice family photo. SO I thought, hey, let’s take a family photo!

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