Just Pics…

Nothing new to say today, so I’m posting some random pics.
Grabbed my Dad’s camera back, so it’s fun pointing and shooting!





Ain’t they just too cute??
And too in need of haircuts???

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April showers brought…

… Yes, May FLOWERS!

Generally I’m not crazy about anything growing that I can’t eat, but 90% of the flowers in our yard grow “wild” – without any care whatsoever from me. In that, they’re a carefree pleasure when they bloom.

Enjoy all that spring has to bring!

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Mikey + Boo

Ok – once in awhile I suppose I can post just a sentence or two and a single photo. Why must I blather on every day? ;-).

This was too cute for words.
Apparently Mikey is doing well since his surgery and making himself right back at home.
(It’s taken at night w/ my camera phone, so not very clear, but you get the cute factor regardless, no?!).


Of course, if Boo were awake, he’d chase and torture poor Mikey to no end.
I guess Mikey knew it was safe to snuggle in for bed.

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Canadian Rockies!

I do not currently have a working camera.

Not only is this tough for someone with 4 kids who LOVES to scrapbook and capture every moment, it’s tough for a blogger to NOT HAVE PHOTOS!!

On our recent drive through the Rockies to Alberta, I bought 2 down and dirty disposable cameras. The bad thing is that the photos aren’t terribly clear or colorful, but the good thing is that you can grab it FAST and click – no turning it on, waiting for it to warm up, etc. And FAST meant I could capture 2 of the 3 wildlifes we saw! Oh, was I excited to see wildlifes.

09.05 rockies
I took many a shot of white capped mountains with the disposables, our cell phones, anything I could find. It was a lovely drive, although I think I would have come out of it feeling completely jipped had I not seen wildlifes. Bright yellow signs kept promising there would be some AT THE ROAD! Every time I saw one of the signs, I’d grab my camera and wait…

Anyhow, I’d better get at least some of my cameras fixed soon, or I’ll run out of things to scrapbook/post really soon…

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I’ve read in a few bloggy-friend posts that May is a busy month – our house is no different.
Except that maybe here we’re busy ALL the time – May/June just seem to be EXTRA SUPER DUPER busy. We are on the go, 24-7.

Not even one week now since we drove alllllllll the way back from Oceanside, CA, we’re heading out to Calgary, Alberta (that’s in CANADA…) for A’s laaast volleyball tourney of the year – the Nationals! Silly moi decided it would be nice to drive the 12-hrs and stop to see the Banff National Park on the way. I-ya. What was I thinking again???

The following weekend, after B’s PROM (really? already???), we leave for her laaaaast volleyball tourney – of highschool – in Bellevue/Seattle. At least it’s closer… And UofW campus is gorgeous. Next year it’s UBC-vball-Baby!!

In bewteen all that I have a ton of work, and usual kid-stuff, and blah, blah, blah…

So, here it is.
My posts for the next few weeks will consist of random photos from the last month or so.

this isn’t great quality, it was just so cute of the boys at the dophin window the other day. and typical – messy hair and all. their mom should really comb in once in awhile…

LOOK!!! LOOK!!! My plants have not died!! So far!

Not the best streetscape, but was walking home from the tanning place pre-trip and thought it was so pretty outside w/ the sun going down and those DANGED cherry blossoms everywhere. Like Christmas in April… Except blossoms stick. To everything.

I was out in the yard the other night making a tomato/feta salad and suddenly thought “My, how colorful!” and OF COURSE took a photo!
By the way – it’s POURING RAIN and FRIGGIN COLD outside right now… *sigh*.

So, that’s it for today.
It’s 12:30am, and I’ve just finished working / adding photos at brief intermissions, and I’m going to bed.

Have a good day, later, like in a few more hours!

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Guest Photographer!

This week a guest photographer is going to take over whilst I putter my days away in Cali – my Mom!

Enjoy her fabulous shots of all things heron + flowers (I’m guessing 😉 ).

I’m not bugging her to add shots to the “Latest” at the top of my main page, so just SCROLL below to see a great new shot each and every DAY! (No pressure, Mom!).
Oh, and don’t forget to leave her some comments about how fabulous her photos are, or she’ll never do this for me again. Lol.

Enjoy! I’ll be back in 10 days with 10 Reasons NOT to do a long road trip with 2 kids under 5…


Underwater Photography

This past year for Cmas we bought A a new digital camera. She LOVES to take pictures. She also LOVES to swim and be in the water, so we bought a camera that was WATERPROOF! Although it was a bit over our normal Cmas gift budget, it wasn’t too badly priced compared to any other digital camera.

olympus-waterproofWhat can I say… A also really likes PINK. And this baby is REALLY PINK! I was embarassed to even buy it. She’s told me that when she’s performing on stage and I’m video taping w/ her camera, she can actually SEE the camera in the audience from the stage.

This past weekend in Kelowna for B’s vball tourney, we (meaning Hubby, Tt, A + Boo – NOT me) spent some time in the pool and here are some of our most awesome shots! UNDERWATER! How cool is that?!?!

p4180025This was the point where A realized that Tt didn’t have his water wings on… He can’t swim yet… It was not shallow…  But it made for a good – QUICK – picture!

p4180045A view up into Boo’s nose from underwater… EVEN from underwater you can see those eyelashes! Amazing!

p4180080I took this one from the edge of the pool ;-). No, it is not officially bathing suit season yet. I have… 3 more months until I can be expected to be seen in a suit, so just leave it alone.

p4180085An artistic shot from A from below the water… Well, I thought it looked cool anyhow !

Is there no end to the ways we can photograph!?
What have you photographed lately?





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