Manual Photography Selections : #02

A few more of my favorite manual film camera shots from the archives…
(We’ll call them “vintage” – they’re from Waaaaaaay back in 2005).

LOVE this shot. It’s grainy, it’s fuzzy, it was clearly a mistake, and I have absolutely no idea who this kid is. One day when I learn photoshop, perhaps I’ll be able to sharpen, add contrast, and make it a really kick-ass photo of a kid I don’t know.

THIS kid I know – niece “J” and her funky colorful hat. If I knew PS, I’d lighten the shadows on her face slightly, but the rest of the colors are FAB as they are.

Nothing – NOTHIN – like a cherry yellow raincoat. Pops outta any photo.


Pop? Ya, Tt wasn’t thrilled about his “first snow”, but Momma was thrilled about the color and contrast in this shot! So, at least one of us wins.

That’s ok – a day or two later he warmed up to the idea, as long as he didn’t have to sit IN the snow.

Ok – enough “Kid” shots – gotta go take some new outdoor shots with my super wide angle lens.
I’ll TRY no to show my kids over and over in Manual Photography Selections : #03! I’ll try – I’m not making any promises.


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  1. Love the yellow raincoat! What a cutie =)
    Thanks for stopping by.

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