Saving More Sharks!

Well, after this post about Saving the Sharks, we have a few updates!

I was working on our applique (aka wearable protest signs) and thought we should put a website or something up for people to go to, and be educated on the plight of sharks. So I emailed Sharkwater to see if it was ok to use their name on our wee little shirts.

YES, they said, and told us we might be featured on their blog!
A few days later, these came in the mail. The poster is AUTOGRAPHED by Rob Stewart, the creator of the documentary Sharkwater.



Here’s an excerpt from one of the mag’s…


Anyhow, we finally finished up our T-shirt appliques and even sent our first one out to bloggy friends (it’ll be there soon, Obi!). Tt was proud to wear his out and about.



I was telling my daughters the story and they said they’d wear them to school – AND their friends too!


So there we go! Tt’s wish to “make a sign so people will stop killing sharks” is getting out there.
Join his little protest!
Go to and learn about the shark situation.
Join Jackie Chan and Yeo Ming with WildAid and DO NOT eat shark fin soup.
And, comment below for your own t-shirt applique (sorry, shirt not included. I’m on a BUDGET now, remember?!?).


Ain’t they sweet??

blog signoff 2

6 Responses

  1. Padawan Learner is waiting patiently. We’ll put up a picture once it gets here and is ironed into place.

  2. Obi : It’s on it’s way! All up to the mail service now… Hmmm… 😉

  3. This is such a cool project. What a wonderful life lesson for your kids.

  4. Mindee : Let’s hope it’s a life lesson that can also count on a more global scale, too. It would be wonderful to actually make a difference, especially within our large local Chinese populations!

  5. I would love a tshirt for Caleb! they look so awesome and he would love to support the campaign to save sharks

  6. Mary-Elizabeth : Consider it done! Thanks!
    Will get it to you next Sunday or following, or come for a play-date ;-).

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