Thrifty Finds : SHOES!

I’m sorry to blog about one little photo (then again, why not??), but are these not THE MOST ADORABLE SHOES EVER????


Ballerina espadrilles in pale pink!! There is quite a heel on them, you just can’t see it here…

I found them completely by fluke in a thrift shop, as I was looking for more crystal glasses while out with B, and thought of A immediately.

My little (ok, taller than me…) ballerina.


Guess how much. No, really, guess. Because the price makes them even more precious.

Six bucks.
Get out and thrift! (OHMYGOSH, the old me just turned over in her grave…).

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2 Responses

  1. Over from SITS…cute blog! I had a pair of shoes EXACTLY like those. You know, before I had 3 kidlets and such adorable heels became ridiculously impractical! 🙂

  2. MrsM : Yep – she has a few years still before that realization ;). I just live vicariously through her!

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