Say Whaaat?

What does one say when they don’t really have much to say?


Maybe one talks about the weather… It was <nice><rainy><holy-crap-cold> outside today.


Maybe one talks about how their kids are doing… They’re <great><crazy><stinky>.


Maybe one talks about sports… I got nothin’.


Maybe one talks about their job… I <love><dislike><have a complicated relationship with> my work.


Maybe one just shuts themselves up and sits back to look at some random pics in complete silence but for the CD of French music playing in the background while enjoying a nice, hot cup of tea…


2 Responses

  1. I love the nest under the eves.(Am still out of tea. Have switched to coffee found in cupboard. Slowly going crazy.)

  2. Obi : I’m still out of (new and interesting) tea too! HELP! I cannot shop with two little boys on my legs!!
    Must make a point of heading out to change that, even thought it’s “jammies” day. I’d bring some over, but…

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