tuesdays for tea – 09.03.31

tea_with_minttwinings_webI really need some new tea around here… And it has to be “caf” to keep my migraines away, until I have the whereabouts about me to actually delve into whatever’s creating said migraines. Until then, caf me up, baby!

I was reading the literary wonder that is “In Style” magazine last night, and I must say those actors are all just massive over-achievers. Not only do they work, they raise kids – adopted or otherwise, work for Unicef or some other dozens of charities, have any number of fascinating (of course) hobbies, find the time for multiple beaus and/or wedded blisses, find the time to work out 2 hrs a day, find the time and energy to wear something new and fresh every day, PLUS they are all bloody well reversing the aging process! They are defying time itself!

While it’s great to think that at 5o I can actually look 35 if I work real, real hard (and buy a lot of product…), right now I’m 35 (plus 2…) and feeling as though I look 50. And let me tell you, it’s not so great in reverse.

On the bright and cheery side, the RAIN has official kicked Vancouver off into Spring.
It’s a’pourin’. Tt and I will be collecting worms all this rainy week for my summer tomatoes and raspberries. We plan to “relocate” them into my future gardeny soil to muck about. Boo will undoubtedly jump in every single puddle he can find, every single time we leave the house. And I will definately forget to put rainboots on him. Every single time.

It’s gonna be a great week…
Hope yours is as well!
(oh, and no, that still isn’t my photo… one day it will be – really it will!)





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Crafting Time – Part 3

And more! See other blogs as well, Crafting Time – Parts 1 and 2. These are still from the pre-teen, early teen days when we had less homework and more spare time ;-).

dsc_9155Sometimes a lazy Sunday afternoon turns into “creative time”. This craft led B to create an entire fishing game with all the fish she made from construction paper and crayons. We all got to take turns fishing in her pond. That didn’t sound right…


dsc_9160Grama taught the girls many, many different card-making ideas. They also made a loom out of a cardboard box to do something (I can’t remember, but I think they were friendship bracelets). There was no end to this crafting weekend. B even got up early – on her own! – to keep going. Shocking behavior.


dsc_9150Do cookies count as crafting?? Over the years we have baked DOZENS of sugar cookies. We have DOZENS of cookie cutters and DOZENS of special toppings from all sorts of special sources. We even have a number of great frosting recipes from plain sugared to hard-rock meringue.


dsc_9171The girls were taught by an old friend babysitting them once how to KNIT! They each started a lovely scarf and worked on them for quite some time… although they never quite finished. I think we still have the half-finished scarves on the needles in a bag somewhere… Still, it was fun for them for awhile.


dsc_9170The girls really do get creative when they have time to be “bored”. On this particular day B decided to start making all kinds of people out of wire, then proceeded to make playground equipment for them and a pet turtle! They’re “polly pocket” sized.


dsc_9174The girls went crazy one summer with these window stickies that you do on a sheet of plastic, then transfer to any glass surface. We STILL have them sticking to our old car windows! This one was too pretty to hang up – I wanted to keep it “for all time” in my scrapbook.


Again, more to follow… Yes, we do a LOT of crafting around these parts. We could have OWNED a Michael’s by now.


Ser-VICE! part 3

I went with my eldest, B, to a tournament in Nanaimo (2.5 days with no wee ones!!!) (too bad I had a lumpy bed… and bad pillow… and no sleep…). ANywhoo, there was this cool red “curtain” dividing two gyms and it was a very cool backdrop for taking shots against.


It’s interesting how different all the girls serves are, and how wildly they contort their bodies to get that little white ball over that flimsy little net. Amazing.

But, alas, B does not get to serve (in Canada) as Libero, so here’s my “shot of the day” for her, too!

dsc_1406Fuzzy, but she made a great save here! Sorry, she made a great DIG here.
I forget my lingo sometimes.





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From the Mouths of Babes – From 2 to 12 in 6 seconds

Dear sweet little Boo turned two.
And, apparently on the same day, a teenager.

I was calling him over to me, “Boo!”.
To which I received his newest word, “WHAT?!“…

He doesn’t say many words yet. It was as though some internal clock went off at the magic age of 2 and told him it’s time to grow up and talk human now.
I just stared at him, like he’d turned attitude-teen literally in the blink of an eye.

dsc_2165(This was some crazy kung fu move he kept doing – it looked hilarious with his diaper shirt hanging out! Way to try be cool, Boo!)

He also had two other new words on his birthday:
“Puppies” and “crackers”, and today he said “Amen” after prayer at dinner.

dsc_2185(This is his “praying” face… Looks oddly the same as his “constipated” face…)

And all was right with the world once again.





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James, Baby!!

OOooohhh, James.

Yes, I went straight out to buy Quantum of Solace yesterday.
Then I had to wait and wait and wait for Tt to be in bed… Ok, I’ll admit – we sent him to bed an entire hour early.
Good thing he doesn’t know how to tell time!

Ahhhhh, James.
Connery, Brosnan, Craig – even Moore – I’ve loved them all.

I must admit I wasn’t thrilled with this one in the theatre, but watching it again at home it was so much better.
I’m sure I’ll love it even more the 3rd, 4th… 50th… 100th time I watch it.

Until next time, Bond.





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Happy #2, my sweet Boo!

My wee little Boo has now turned TWO!
He had a busy, busy day (and a half, in case anyone is so detail-oriented as to notice all the shirts) with his family bday dinner/party.

What with helping make his cake in the am…

Taking a quick nap with his big bro…

Opening an early present…

Getting birthday kisses from some visiting doggies…

Learning to say “tank jew”, or thank you, to everyone…

Open a few more presents…

Play with said presents…
Wha’? Cars?? No way – a 2yr old boy who loves CARS?!

Enduring (Japanese) dinner (with 22 family members) so he can get back to – you guessed it – more Cars.

Trying to sneak “licks” of his cake before we could get the candles lit…

Let Mommy blow out candles so he can get down to the real business…
(Good job on the cake, A!!)

Of eating all that icing…

So he can get back to them Cars!

Happy #2, my sweet Boo!
Glad you had a fun, fun day of it!