Tomatoes – GROW!

Life is a series of unfinished projects to us. Not only all the unfinished projects that come with life – out-of-date scrapbooks, cooking projects, renovations, blah, blah. But we bought a “charming” older house, so there is ALWAYS a house/yard project nagging at the back of my mind at any given time as well.

WELL! I can pull at least ONE thing out of the black hole of the unfinished abyss!

Well, technically it’s just a “greenhouse” I think, until I get my heat lamp in there, but I just like saying hot house more. Hot house. Da hottest, baby.

Clean out old crap? Check! (Thanks, Hubby!).

Install new tempered glass? Check! Well, almost… Middle pane coming.

Buy tomato plants (b/c it’s too late to plant from seeds) and buckets to stick ’em in and dirts to fill ’em up? CHECK!

Et voila!

P5270043the low boxes in front are onions + shallots. I hope. one day.

P5270053a beat-up outdoor-ish old storage room. perfect.

P5270047I bought tow-maters in 4 different sizes, hoping they’ll ripen at 4 different times?!

You can tell I’m excited about tomatoes – I’m using a lot of !!!’s!

Now, tomatoes – GROW! Zebras – GROW! Golden boys – GROW! Pineapples – GROW! Romas – GROW!

I can taste the salads and pasta sauces now… AHhhhh.

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10 Responses

  1. Mmmmmm. Tomatoes.

  2. yummy! It’s good that you got them inside. Every time I tried to grow tomatoes outside they got the blight and went black – yuck! I’m sure you’ll have much more success. I’ll have to come do a taste test!

  3. My in-laws have a veggy garden so I get to “borrow” tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers, etc. from them and sit on my butt and stare at my boring garden.

    Hmm, there aren’t any flowers so I don’t think calling a few little bushes a garden makes sense. Jeez, they put me to shame! I really need to do something with my yard.

  4. Mindee : hmmmm, tomatoes. hmmmm tomato salad with feta. hmmmm tomato sauce with penne. hmmmm tomato slices with salt/pepper. hmmmm…

    Melanie : I’m guessing my “indoor” tow-maters will grow infinately better than the “outdoor”, so next year I’ll def. plant only indoor… now what to plant in those outdoor spots…

    Akilah : Allll in time! This is the first year since we moved here (7 yrs ago) that I’ve even been able to give it a smidgen of thought! Of course, now other things are going unfinished… *sigh*.

  5. That looks like a good place to grow tomatoes! Excellent!

  6. I so understand about life being a bunch of unfinished projects….and yeah for tomatoes…I got some the other day myself….and thanks so much for coming over on my featured day today…I loved your comment….glad i’m not a lone….

  7. WHat a fun find right under your nose! I love your new hot house. I love tomatos…haven’t bought ours yet…but we’re planning our backyard garden.

  8. Jimmy : Excellent as long as they actually GROW… !

  9. Lesley : *sigh* for unfinished projects… Everywhere I turn, I’m reminded of something I haven’t managed to get done yet. Just seeing them all is exhausting, forget about actually tackling them!

  10. Joan : You’ll have to come by some eve in about 2 more months for tomato salad with penne and tomato sauce and bruschetta… You DO like tomatoes, right?? LOL! Plant different things in your garden and we can swap ;-).

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