tuesdays for tea 09.06.02

P5300017Another tuesday, another chat over tea!

I had THE MOST incredible experience last night – I just have to share. It was amazing! It was… SLEEP! I fell asleep on the couch around 8:30pm and woke up just before 6am, and I DIDN’T WAKE UP IN BETWEEN!! I woke up feeling like I had actually slept! Amazing. Hubby asked if I felt “all better” after one night. Uh, not. But it’s a start. Now I just need about 2 more weeks of the same (please, Boo, please!!) and I’d be a whole new woman.

Otherwise, I’m dreading the passing of the next 12 days. The last 12 days of my eldest daughter just being home. *sigh*. I have special dinners out planned – nowhere fancy, just our faves – for our final two wednesday eve’s, and we have a big dinner event planned on our last Sunday before she’s gone for volleyball this and that for most of the first half of the summer, and again most of the last half of summer. Then she’s GONE! On res, studying, busy, working hard, living away, playing big vball games. Gone. *sigh*. I’m dreading it. MANY a photo will be taken over the next 12 days.

But, otherwise, I’m excited for summer because this is the first summer I can remember in a long time where we’re mostly at home! In my yard, picking tomatoes! Going on local outings to you-pick strawberries, aquabus adventures, afternoons at Granville Island followed by evenings cooking, BBQ’s, beaches, etc. I’ve heard it’s going to be a hot, sunny summer here, rather than our usual chilly rain until mid-July. Wonderful. I love to be home. Where do you love most to be?

Have a happy, sunny Tuesday.
I’m off to water my tow-maters.

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6 Responses

  1. I love to be home too. Everyone is asking about summer vacation plans and I am more than happy to be replying “None!”

    Enjoy your 12 days.

  2. Mindee : I know! Isn’t it funny? A few years back it was all about where we were going. Now I’m sooooo happy to be home. But, then again, maybe I appreciate it so much because we’ve always been so busy in the summers previously…

  3. Home is good, but we spend some of the summer in Fl with my husband’s family…there are cousins the same ages as my kids and we go to the beach. The kids play during the day and the grown-ups (mainly my sister-in-law and myself) eat chocolate and watch movies at night! It’s fun for all of us.
    Enjoy your time together!

  4. Christina : Having close-aged cousins is such a great thing. We definately need to spend more time with ours! And soooo nice when the kids can more or less handle themselves ;-). Frees us grownups for all kinds of good times!

  5. normailly summer is stay at home no vacations. Partly due to work (its tourism) but mainly in Malta we have long hot summer days with the sea surrounding our small island its simply perfect for the summer 🙂 and our families they live 30 mins away hehe

  6. Melissa : Sounds like you LIVE a vacation life! Nice! I’ll be over to visit soon!

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