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P5300024tuesdays for tea
June 9, 2009

Happy belated Tuesday…
Does it count if it’s still Tuesday in my head?!
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DSC_2793Just Pics…
June 7, 2009

Nothing new to say today, so I’m posting some random pics.
Grabbed my Dad’s camera back, so it’s fun pointing and shooting!
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P5300012Lovin’ Vancouver! Our favorite places : The Secret Garden
June 5, 2009

It’s a restaurant, it’s a shop, it’s a destination, it’s an event – the Secret Garden! Every year for the past…
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DSC_0054the Poetry of Life #009
June 4, 2009

Tall and graceful now you stand
Where once you barely…
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dsc_9182Crafting Time – Part 5
June 3, 2009
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P5300017tuesdays for tea 09.06.02
June 2, 2009

Another tuesday, another chat over tea!I had THE MOST incredible experience last night – I just have to share. It was amazing! It was…
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P5300066Thrifty Finds : SHOES!
June 2, 2009

I’m sorry to blog about one little photo (then again, why not??), but are these not THE MOST ADORABLE SHOES EVER????
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P5290005April showers brought…
June 1, 2009

… Yes, May FLOWERS!
Generally I’m not crazy about anything growing that I can’t eat, but 90% of the flowers in our yard… <more here>


P5300066Ahhhh, BBQ Season!
May 31, 2009

May has been a gorgeous month for Vancouver, and we’ve been taking FULL advantage of it!
We have to… <more here>


animals dot nationalgeographic dot com 2Saving More Sharks!
May 30, 2009

Well, after this post about Saving the Sharks, we have a few updates!
I was working on our…
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Crafting Time – Part 2

More of the craftiness we had going on here when the girls were a bit younger (pre-teen to early teens). They still craft now, at 14 + 17, but their crafts have definately become more elaborate (read “EXPENSIVE”).

dsc_9156aOne day we had walked all the way down to the beach, and had decided to collect all kinds of rocks while we were there to paint and glue. The critters turned out pretty cool, but I think we should have used better glue than the hot glue sticks as the weight of the rocks was too heavy for some to stay together. We added magnets to the back and had them on our fridge.


dsc_91541A few times we sat with a pad of paper and designed all sorts of silly clothes. Come to think of it, those times were all in ferry lineups… But it was fun! And some designs were completely off-the-wall. This is one of A’s sheets from when she was very young.


dsc_9166aWe had these magnets on our fridge for ages. We had pressed tiny flowers, glued colored tissue and the flower to the back of a clear “rock” and added a magnet. Beautiful! I think our last one just recently broke (the magnet-to-tissue bond isn’t great if you pick up the magnets many times over).


dsc_9164aShrinky Dinks! The girls and I did these ages ago – can’t remember what in the world we did with them… This past Christmas Tt drew a bunch of mini B/W pictures and we shrunk them and made earrings for all the girl sisters + cousins. They were actually a big hit!

dsc_9162These cute little felt mittens on a ribbon adorned all our Christmas gifts one year. We wrote “to” and “from”‘s on the back of each mitten. Of course, they coordinated with our wrapping paper and Christmas tree theme ;-).


dsc_9165We (meaning the girls, really) painted these bird houses, although I’m not sure why – we’ve never bought bird food… They so suit each girls personality – A is colorful and bright, B is thoughtful and precise. We have them outside now, which I hate to do for the potential wear and tear!


More to follow! We have not yet even BEGUN to craft… Mwuahhahaha.


It’s just fabulous…

6a00e5505fecd388330111689bd5be970c-320wiIn the spirit of one of my favorite bloggers, Simply Seleta, here is a quick bite on something I think is FABULOUS!

Last night I spent the evening with a dear old friend. Today I’m spending the day with the boys – I’m about to make breakfast (yes, it’s already 8:30am!), we’ll head out to soccer, then I’ll pick up the SIXTY-FIVE scrapbook pages of last years misc. adventures I finally finished and printed. After the girls are home from school, we’ll hang for a bit before Hubby and I go out for dinner with old friends. Tomorrow we spend with Gramma, Grampa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nana (Gt-Gramma), then Sunday we have lunch with friends and dinner with more family.

I think it’s fabulous – and I’m so blessed – to have friends and family surrounding us at all times.

Go visit Seleta – I love reading about her fabulous finds, her fabulous beach life and her fabulous 4 kids!

Lazy Moms Unite

New site to check out : TIPS for being a lazy mom! “How to get more done so you can have more fun!” is their logo and it sounds good to me! I’m totally, utterly, completely lazy at heart and love lazymoms for validating my lazy-butt attitude ;-).

Here are my two “lazy tips” I’ve submitted so far:

1. I keep a small bucket for wandering toy pieces I find on the floor. Instead of walking ALL the way to put them away each time I find (step on) one, I put it in the “lost pieces” bucket.

Then one day when I’m feeling especially perky, I take the “lost pieces” bucket to the boys room and put each thing where it belongs.

p.s. WHILE a “lost piece” is in the bucket, it’s MINE. The boys temporarily lose use of it for not putting it away themselves. I put them all back in their boxes every month. Or so. Maybe.


2. I keep a sturdy tupperware in the car for boys toys, books, those danged McD’s toys that seem to multiply like rabbits, whatever. Not only does it help clean up the clutter, it doubles as a footstool for those raised carseats! (Needs to be sturdy for kid to be standing on to get kids own butt into his own carseat).

I’m going to get a second (for second boys feet) just for diapers/snacks/juice boxes so I have one less bag to pack out of the house each am.


The pursuit of laziness. Ahhhhh.


Homeschool #013 – Math / Spelling Worksheets

Math worksheets was such a hit, here’s more!
My niece apparently used them to add – 3 blue + 5 green = 8 aqua starfighters…
So, this time I’ve left room for “answers”.

Also, for your learning pleasure, I started some reading/spelling worksheets.
Can you say FUN!? Lol.
You can either fill in the word except the first letter for “What does this start with?”, or leave out the Vowels, or leave out the word completely.

As my chicken-scratch is not always clear (…), I’ve written out what the pictures actually are below each one.
Et voila!

math-scooby(Scoob’s nose and Shag’s cheek might be kinda small for smaller kids, but they can color too!)

misc-luau(in honor of Maui this summer! hut, palm or tree, sun, boy, surf, pig (I didn’t want to draw him all roasted up!), boat, lei, girl, sand (?!), toe, hula) (hey, I did my best – don’t laugh!)

misc-foods(egg, jam, milk, pan or pot, ham, tea, apple (yes, it’s more than 3 or 4 letters…), oven, pie, fork, bowl, pea)

misc-spelling(pen, star, cat, moon, fish, bike, car, bug (sorry! silly-looking bug!), bed, hat or cap, book, one).

There you have it!



Apparently not.

There are 3 girls in this house and 3 boys.
When I say something to the girls, such as “let’s do this”, or “did I tell you about this”, WHAT-ev-ah, they hear what I said, they comment back, we chat, we remember what was discussed. In short, we COMMUNICATE. Together.

When I say something to a boy in this house, whether to a 5 or a 50 year old boy, this is how it goes:

Momma: “This box is for all the Cars toys. I made a label for the front, so it’ll be here, labelled, and the Cars toys go in it. All of them.”

Boy of any kind: stares blankly.

Momma: stands closer, talks slower. “This box here – do you see it? <note physical action required>. I want to keep all the CARS <note added emphasis> toys in this box so that I can find them quickly and grab one or two when we go out and I need to bring something for Boo <note full explanation to make the purpose of the box relatible>. These are the CARS movie toys, not just any cars, right? <note clarification>. I made a LABEL here so that everyone knows where they go. They need to go in this box <note repetition>.”

Boy: “Oh, ya, sure.”

Momma: hesitates. “The CARS toys, in this CARS box, right? Other toys go in the other box. This one is just for CARS, right?”

Boy: “Yep. Cars.”
3 days later…
Momma: in a rush to get the diaper bag packed for dinner out, tries to grab a few Cars for Boo AND CAN”T FRIGGIN FIND THEM BECAUSE THEY”RE NOT IN THEIR FRIGGIN CARS BOX. sighs. GLARES at nearest boy, regardless of individual fault. “THESE cars are not Cars toys <pointing at Cars box>. NOW I have to dig around for them. CAN YOU PLEASE, in the future, put the Cars toys in the Cars box so that I can find them quickly when I need to?”

Boy: “I don’t know how that happened, but it wasn’t me.”

Momma: “Well, this is the third time now I’ve asked. It would really help me out if they were put away properly so I can find them when I’m in a hurry and getting 6 bags ready.”

Boy: “Oh, ya. Sure.”

Momma: rolls eyes. finds a FRIGGIN Car. leaves (now late) (and now stressed out) for dinner. orders liquor as soon as she arrives to calm her nerves.
3 days later…

Momma: trying to play Cars with Boo, is TRYING to find the Cars toys in order to play with them. mutters many a foul word to the not-present Hubby, because let’s face it, we all know it wasn’t Tt putting toys away – especially ones that aren’t even his. finds all kinds of Cars toys in all kinds of random toy boxes. finds all kinds of random toys in the Cars box. rearranges all the toys for the BILLIONTH time. mutters more about how no one listens. realizes she’s now talking to herself. in the third person. not good.


Am I Making Myself CLEAR???
Apparently not.
I need to have more girls.