Paris 2011

A page for all things PARIS! How much longer!??! (I’ll add little flags to this map as I go, or as I figure out how…).

Husband WILL BE taking me for my 40th birthday (or so I’ve been telling him over and over again since our last visit). Even though it’ll be my… fourth time there, I still feel like I know nothing of the city. Since this will be an “adults only” trip, there will be more time to just walk about or just sit around at my own leisure!

(Just don’t ask me how my French is coming along, d’accord?)


For our trip to Italy, I used and it turned out great, so I’ll go back for this trip. Trip Advisor has also been recommended for research, so I’ll check them out as well when it gets closer, or I’m getting into budgets. Last trip we stayed near the Paris Opera in the 9th Arr., which was ok but a bit of a walk from “the action”. I think I’ll start looking in the 8th, which seemed quite nice when we walked about it last and has the main Metro station.


“the” perfect early morning, fresh outta the oven baguette: What better place to start than the “Best Baguette in Paris 2008” winner? (Best Baguette). And since I’m not going for another few years, I can check back for “Best ‘o 2009” and “Best ‘o 2010” as well. YUM!

Anis Bouabsa, Au Duc de la Chapelle, 32 rue Tristan Tzara, 75018 Paris, Tel: 01 40 38 18 98 (to be tagged) (Northern Boundary of the 18th Arr.)

“the” perfect sweets: We bumped into this place on our last trip – Gerard Mulot patisserie/boulangerie for apparently “THE” best macaroons. I attempted making these for B’s last bday (France), so I have a new appreciation for a perfect roundness, a light cookie that isn’t chunky with not-so-ground almond flour and a buttercream that isn’t much too sweet. My mouth is watering already… 76 Rue de Seine (6th). Also to check out : Laduree Champs Elysee.


“the” most fascinating food market: We really enjoyed walking through a market that was near a mall, a park, a church and a university or Georges Pompidou. I have no idea – we’ll have to walk about and see if we can bump into it again. In the meantime, I’ve come across another possibility (or maybe the same one!): Marche Monge Market, every Wed/Fri/Sun, a block from Rue Mouffetard, 5th.

Also worth a walk is “The Ultimate Grocery Store”, La Grande Epicerie de Paris, 38 Rue de Sevres, 7th.


“the” most beautiful park: I’ve already been, I believe! Parc Monceau was gorgeous, and I plan to hit it once more with Hubby. (I’ll mark it later). I also read about Parc des Buttes-Chaumont which sounds lovely and out of the way – NE Paris, Rues Manin + Botzaris, 19th.


“the” yummiest cassoulet:


“the” yummiest french onion soup and croque monsieur:


“the” littlest tea shoppe: This one was on my list last trip, but alas – there was no time for “me” things with 3 kids and a needy Hubby about. Mariage Freres apparently is a “tea lovers paradise” with 450-500 varieties and a museum to boot! 30-32 Rue de Bourg-Tibourg, 4th.


“the” kitchen gadget shop: Passed these two possibilities in a writeup about the arrondissments – A.Simon and M.O.R.A., at 13 and 48-52 Rue Montmarte respectively, 1st. We’ll HAVE to take a look – apparently one of them supplies “the” chefs of Paris! I can’t find a site for M.O.R.A., so I’ll dig further on that one.-


“the” funkiest little boy clothes:


“the” place to get the girls each a handbag:


“the” place to find free music: Apparently those “in the know”, know that Thursdays at 12:45pm there are free outdoor concerts at which to enjoy an outdoor lunch break. Place d’Estienne-d’Orves, near Gare St.-Lazare, 9th.


I’ll keep posting as I get info/do research!
Paris, je t’aime!

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  1. Bonjour,

    Great article, all the best things to do in Paris indeed !

  2. Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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