Underwater Photography

This past year for Cmas we bought A a new digital camera. She LOVES to take pictures. She also LOVES to swim and be in the water, so we bought a camera that was WATERPROOF! Although it was a bit over our normal Cmas gift budget, it wasn’t too badly priced compared to any other digital camera.

olympus-waterproofWhat can I say… A also really likes PINK. And this baby is REALLY PINK! I was embarassed to even buy it. She’s told me that when she’s performing on stage and I’m video taping w/ her camera, she can actually SEE the camera in the audience from the stage.

This past weekend in Kelowna for B’s vball tourney, we (meaning Hubby, Tt, A + Boo – NOT me) spent some time in the pool and here are some of our most awesome shots! UNDERWATER! How cool is that?!?!

p4180025This was the point where A realized that Tt didn’t have his water wings on… He can’t swim yet… It was not shallow…  But it made for a good – QUICK – picture!

p4180045A view up into Boo’s nose from underwater… EVEN from underwater you can see those eyelashes! Amazing!

p4180080I took this one from the edge of the pool ;-). No, it is not officially bathing suit season yet. I have… 3 more months until I can be expected to be seen in a suit, so just leave it alone.

p4180085An artistic shot from A from below the water… Well, I thought it looked cool anyhow !

Is there no end to the ways we can photograph!?
What have you photographed lately?





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8 Responses

  1. That looks like so much fun! Underwater cameras, what will they think of next?

  2. I love taking pictures underwater – so much fun.

  3. Tabitha : I KNOW! Lol. Next I’m going to buy a Polaroid, just for some more variety. It’ll keep me amused until I can find some time to learn Photoshop.

  4. K : Me too, as long as I can take them from the side and don’t actually have to be IN the water…

  5. I LOVE these! I had no idea they made cameras like that!
    I would love to play around with one.
    Hmmm, besides my kids (my usual subject) I have photograghed a stray cat, and some flowers. 🙂

  6. Tamara : It’s pretty cool – can’t wait to take it to the beach, although I suppose I should check w/ support on salt-water exposure…
    I know! What’s to take pics of after the kids are all shot at every imaginable angle?? I love taking pics of food, but by no means am a “photographer”. I’ll have to check back at your site for some pic ideas ;-).

  7. That is a great idea! Monkey’s 5th birthday is next weekend, and I know he would love a camera like that… guess it’s time to talk to hubby LOL. Those pictures are great BTW.

  8. Angela : Yep – talk up that Hubby! And do some googling – I bought this one for my 14yr old, but there were lots of really durable looking “kids” cameras online that I think were also waterproof…

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