Blogging… and what I SHOULD be doing.

This blogging is so totally addictive!
For someone like me with no focus and a zillion interests, there is no better place to ramble on and on… and on… Who’s listening? I have no idea, but I do know for certain no one at home listens to me talk, so what’s to lose?!

0802-feb-misc-4(this is my staple page format – 9 out of 10 look much like this…)

BUT, I’m afraid, that while I whittle away the hours typing, sorting through photos and even reading some of my favorite blogs, there are, in fact, a zillion other things I should be doing instead.

Like updating my scrapbook. I’m BEHIND, for the first time… ever.

0804-tt-swimming-2(I’m sure I stole this format off Mother, so can’t take any credit for any creativity whatsoever)

My scrapbooks are not fancy. I use a super duper program my mother introduced me to called Lumapix Fotofusion (which you can d/load online and you’re rarin’ to GO!), and I can crank out 10 pages in one episode of CSI. Which tells you how far behind I am – we haven’t had cable in about a year.

0712-bri-goofy-2(I snitch photos from cameras, facebook, msn – you name it – and post them for the girls own memories)

My pages are pretty standard – cram on the photos, add a nice background, and copy x an entire year. Once in awhile I add an EMBELLISHMENT, but that’s pretty rare. Mother + sister take their time, do one special photo up per “memory”, add all sorts of things to it. But I don’t got that kinda time.

italy-06(one of our Italy “collage” pages. I had a “holiday” format and almost every page for this trip had the same format, with collaged photos and a clump of text from our journal)

With teenagers and toddlers, we honestly do SO MUCH STUFF inside of a week, and every week is so different. If I don’t just scrap it right away as-is, it gets beyond me. And so it has…

italy-38(ain’t we cute??) (except me – I just look TIRED… and I was…)

Often in the am, or later eve I find Hubby sitting with is tea, going through a book or two, remembering things we’ve done that were special. Time just flies so quickly, and we do so much, it would be so quickly forgotten if we didn’t stop to relive it through our books.

0712-tayler-daycare-2(a page from Tt’s daycare that was mostly fuzzy and never finished…)

When I have time to sit, I rush through, grab photos and GO. Email to costco. Print. Insert. Done.
No fluff. No fuss. But for me, with no memory in my brain whatsoever, it works.
I add “souvenier” pages where suited, and even have pages with envelopes for the girls report cards or awards, or the boys swimming reports, or DVD copies of our months videos. It’s literally ALL in those books. One stop shop.

Guess I should quit typing now and go run off some pages for… last May.


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