Mom at Large…

It’s been six and a half long years of juggling work plus 2, 3, then 4 kids since Hubby and I got married. Not that I haven’t enjoyed (almost all of) it, but in a word it’s been exhausting. I can literally remember a week or so about 4 years ago when I felt awake, alive, full of energy. I do enjoy work, and if work comes along I’ll certainly take it, but Hubby and I thought we may as well take advantage of the slowed market and have me become a FULL TIME stay-at-home MOM.

Shocking, from someone that wasn’t sure she even WANTED kids, but true.

dsc_3715sized(Nice hair day… And, yes, I’ve thrown out that old lady sweater!)

I’m afraid. I love all my kids, but increasingly seeing nothing but their lovely faces 24-7 for the better part of the past 6 months while the housing market has had a slow-down has been tough, and being home so much is soley responsible for my ever-increasing grey hairs. I find I need to get out, away, alone once in awhile for my own sanity.


Or just look at what could happen!
And if I keep making that face, it could stay like that, right Mom?


What really fills me with fear is that now that I’ll be “the home person”, I’m going to actually have to do laundry. And dishes. Let me make this clear – I HATE DISHES. And somehow I’ve managed to avoid laundry all together for the past 6 1/2 years. My complaining falls on deaf ears, I know – not many Mom’s I know out there have been lucky enough to marry “cleaning-freak” Hubby’s. But, I want him to focus on the kids when he gets home, so that means I have to get it all (or at least a little bit of it) done during the day. *sigh*. The drudgery of it all.


Financially it’s meaning fewer trips to Freedmans and Banana Republic (and, admittedly, Toys R Us). *sigh*. But I suppose a few-year hiatus from shoe shopping won’t kill me. Will it???


As the boys get older and the girls are attending University, I’m sure I’ll try once again to juggle work, house, homeschooling and everything in between. But, for now, I’m going to focus on our home, our family. Or die trying. Prayers are always welcome ;-).


I decided to start a series on HOMES here, to keep my architectural juices flowing. While it isn’t too likely many people will be building new in this bad economy, there will be those taking advantage of the lowering construction rates for affordable renovations. Look this month for “Revisiting Your Home”.


Ahhhh. The Kids.
We’ll see how long I last at this “Home Full Time” thing.