My Secret Love

I have a secret love. Hubby knows, and just plain doesn’t understand.
But the objects of my affection are just SOGORGEOUS, the excitement I have every time we pass one of these babies in town is displayed with non-stop drool.
I’ll never have one myself, and I don’t think that matters. I’d be afraid to even get within 2′ of one, for fear of accidentally tripping and scratching it’s precious body with a fingernail.



Ferrari F250. I’m pretty sure this is the car I see drive by our house – in a soft, pale steel blue. OHMYGOSH that soft, pale steel blue. I love this car. I LOVE this car. We live beside a pretty expensive area. BESIDE, not IN. (photo credit : here)

<Shuddering with delight>. I just bought this EXACT same car – 1/32 replica, “for Boo”. I’ve decided that “he” will be collecting 1/32 die-cast cars. Lamborghini Murcielago. In <shuddering with delight> “look-at-me” yellow. My heart skips beats just looking at this beaut.

See that little crown? I just think it’s the cutest logo EV-ER! Pulled up behind this baby yesterday in traffic. Maserati Gran Turismo. Must find die-cast version. Now. (image credit : here)

Too much Italian testosterone? Let’s move on.
Here’s for combining passions – cars AND James Bond. Aston Martin just screams “Cool Brit”. You can’t hear me, but I’m humming the theme song right now. Be glad you can’t hear me. I prefer this more classic model to the supercar AMV10. (photo credit : here)

The previous cars were all super smooth and shiny to be sure, but there’s always room in my heart for a beat-up old Citroen, Renault or Peugot. Especially if I’m walking streets in France to view them. They remind me of a comfortable old pair of jeans.