Thrifty Finds : Crystal Glasses

I must’a seen these in Martha once or something. Otherwise, I have no idea how I suddenly came to ABSOLUTELY NEED a set of old crystal glassware for our “fancier” dinner parties. Fortune, this past fall, was on my side however…


I found 4 or 5 with a quick tour of our local Thrift stores for about $1.50 each.


Another 3 were picked up at a local consignment store (for slightly more cash, I might add).
Aren’t they just so pretty??


I found old wine? glass ones too for candles… We eat by candlelight often – never did put proper lighting in our sunroom. And, yes, the next shot is actually a fancy table featuring fries + ketchup. But the fries were homemade – doesn’t that make them “fancy” enough to share a table with fine, vintage crystal????


Go shop THRIFT.