10 Things I LOVE – 09.02

1. Facebook. Yep – it’s not just for teenagers anymore! In fact, I’m sure there’s something new all the teenagers are using that we oldies haven’t figured out yet anyhow… Hmmm, must go grill girls on that one. WAIT – what is this┬áBebo now??

dsc_0432(I know that back of her head like I know the back of my own hand…)

2. Action flicks. I can’t get enough of them! Mission Impossible (all 3), Bourne (all 3), Pirates (all 3 – does every movie come in 3’s now??), Die Hard (oh, there are FOUR of those ones!), and, of course, James baby (waiting not-so-patiently for #23). The action flicks that roll comedy and romance into the action are the ultimate! I find out what’s coming on “comingsoon.net“. I’m excited this coming year to see:

  • Angels + Demons (May 15, 2009 ) (BUT, gotta watch the first one first…)
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Jun 26, 2009 ) (LOVED the first one!)
  • Public Enemies (Jul 01, 2009 )
  • Iron Man 2 (May 7, 2010 )
  • Ya, not too many great action flicks coming up…


(as seen here)

3. Lego. It’s not just for kids. I love putting new kits together as soon as Tt gets them. I’m avoiding teaching him to follow the “formula” anyhow, so I get to build it once and then he just plays, imagines, takes it all apart. On a nice, quiet Saturday I’ll sit with all the instructions and re-build things again, just to make sure we still have all the pieces. It’s my zen. See blog!

4. Tea. Our new “favorite” over Christmas was steamed eggnog/milk with vanilla rooibos tea in it – SO yum! But, alas, I’m working at swearing off dairy (and barrel loads of fat in one drink), so I’m down to simple rooibos in the evening, and a strong caf black tea in the am to keep those nasty migraines at bay. Once in awhile I do mix my black vanilla bean tea with a half-cup of steamed skim though… OH, and a drop of vanilla syrup. Hmmmm.


5. Walking to our corner store. We have a Choices about 1 block away, and although it’s slightly more expensive and has fewer options that our favorite IGA, it’s close! I’ve been known many a mid-recipe to run out and grab some missing ingredient or another (or at least send Hubby). I often walk with the boys – they love in the warmer months to walk down the nearby railroad tracks with our snacks. If you know me, I’m generally not one to promote getting off my big, fat butt, but sometimes I’m out of milk for my morning latte and off we go…

pic-0135(Free popcorn, free balloons and only a block away – what else could a busy Momma want?!)

6. Vancouver! Yep – love it here. It’s city, but not too big. There’s plenty of “country” close by, ski hills, golf courses – you name it, we probably got it – including 2010 Winter Olympics. Plus we’re a half-hour from the border, and 45 mins from the nearest Tar-ghay! I love it so much, I’ve started a series on our favorite places around town, handy for anyone venturing over here in 2010. Welcome to Vancouver!


7. Gewurztraminer. I can’t pronounce it, and I don’t know much about it, but I do love a chilled Gewurztraminer. I looked it up on Wiki to educate myself. Did you know it’s one of the few wines suitable for drinking with Asian cuisine? The things you learn on Wiki. I’d recommend a specific year and locale, but again, I don’t know much about it except YUM. Second only to a nice, cold Corona. Ok, so I’m a lightweight.

8. Asian cuisine. I love just about every kind of “ese” food there is – Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai-ese, Malaysian-ese, Burmese – everything except, my poor dear Hubby, Chinese food. Even though my Hubby/Kids are all either Chinese or mixed, I just don’t like Chinese food. Sorry. Here is one of my go-to Asian cookbooks:

amazon-vietnamese(find it here)

9. B’s laughter. If only 17-yr old girls laughed more! When I hear B laugh, I know all is right with the world. It is her gauge. I go on and on about her here. She’s just beautiful! And just a liiiiitle bit goofy ;-).


10. My Nana. Beloved Nana. On my 19th birthday I moved into the basement suite of my grandma/grandpa and they took care of me for what probably seemd to them a loooong 10 years as I went to Architecture school and found jobs. They allowed me space enough for all “my strays” – roommates, a cat, a rabbit, whatever. Grandpa’s gone now, but Nana is alive + well at only 79 and helps me often with my boys when I need it. She is also my grand master Sous Chef for all the big family dinners I naiively take on. Our favorite jaunt is Cafe Crepe, Freedmans and Williams-Sonoma down “my end” of town. Here’s a Cmas pic with her big great-grandson! Everyone needs a Nana.