Everytime we leave the house I end up packing SOMANY bags!
We’ve got:

  • the swimming/soccer/field trip bag (depending on our days “activity”),
  • the snacks/juice/lunch/milk bottle bag,
  • the toys-we-gotta-have-if-we’re-gonna-be-out-all-day bag,
  • the diaper/wipes/germ-killer/potty seat cover/napkin-for-runny-nose bag,
  • the camera bag (OFCOURSE!),
  • the things-for-mom-to-do-when-the-boys-fall-asleep-for-2-hrs-between-activites bag,
  • the wallet/daytimer/cellphone/pen/ADVIL-for-my-friggin-migraine-from-carrying-too-much-crap bag.


And that’s just the bags.


I’m also holding, when I attempt to lock the door behind me while things are falling off each limb, my keys, my morning tea latte (MUST), a toddlers hand for the steps and his boo-boo blankie for him so it don’t get dirty once he starts to run for it.

THEN, of course, I have to try to lock a door that requires two hands because it’s never been fixed in the 6 times we’ve had it fixed.


If you’re counting, I ran out of shoulders, arms and hands about 12 lines ago. And that’s all with just 2 of the 4 kids. It must all be taken to the car in one trip, because as soon as I open the front door of the house I have approximately 6 seconds to run to the car, dump it all, and hit the sidewalk before Boo BOLTS down the street from behind me.

If you think that’s bad, throughout the day we always seem to come home with 2 or 3 more bags than we left with… It literally takes me 4 trips to get into the house, throughout which Boo must stay buckled in until the very last trip.


Will someone PLEASE invent a miniature set of disposables of everything I need in a day that all fits into one tiny pre-packaged, grab-and-go bag? Something I can even just leave in the car at the end of the day, and by morning it will have magically evaporated, leaving room for the next tiny pre-packaged, grab-and-go bag. Or design one creatively sectioned, sleek looking, hip-mamma suitcase I can just roll out into the car? It could open up like those makeup cases, where everything you need is suddenly displayed on all these little expanding sections from the passenger seat beside me.

No wonder we love “Jammies” day so much ;-).