Revisiting Your Home

Not taking on so much work doesn’t mean I stop thinking about work. I do love my (non-Mom) work – designing houses. I really enjoy creating Homes for people, places where they raise families, hold parties, rest, grow, seclude, entertain.

Combining passions is just plain prudent. Good old common sense for time + efficiency. So, now, my long-time passion for building new and renovating older homes can be combined with my new passion (for now) for blogging! And all those web surfers out there searching for hot tips for their homes can benefit from my ramblings.


While not many people can afford to build new in these uncertain times, the timing is good for updating, renovating and reviving with lowering construction costs, so this series will focus on smaller parts throughout the home.

Coming soon (not necessarily in this order) : Let there be Light!, Kitchens, Indoor/Outdoor, Open Spaces, Natural Finishes… and more. I hope.

Any other suggestions? Gotta put all that Architecture school to good use somehow ;-).



Anytime is LEGO time…

… as long as it’s under carefully supervised, meticulously segregated conditions.

We have a LOT of Lego in our house. It all started with a set of “Shark” Ocean Lego and grew like wildfire from there. Because we started buying it when Tt was just 3 yrs old and incapable of reading the directions, I’ve been the “Builder” and he’s been the “Re-Builder”. They’re roles we’re both suited for – I need outlines, systems to follow; he needs freedom to create.


I take the direction packages (some are 2 books long!) and attempt to build the items while Tt takes all my pieces… I always have to ask him to “please just let Momma build it once, so you can see it, then you can do whatever you want?”. The last one was 1070 pieces – I waited until he was asleep. B helped me and it still took us an hour to do one leg…


I’ve heard another Mom say that she was using the Legos and directions as a way to teach her child to follow instructions. I shuddered. There are many, many ways for children to learn to follow instructions, but not so many ways for them to be completely free and creative. I’d hate to squish Tt’s creativity at such an early age! That said, I do make him wait until I build it once… Oh well, no system’s perfect.


Tt, and now even Boo, will spend literally hours sitting with a box of Lego (they’re all segregated into boxes and never the Ocean shall meet the Star Wars, or Pirates, or Race Cars – Legos must stay with their kinds if Momma is to maintain any illusion of control), building and re-building things, telling little stories as they go along.


Hours and hours of fun.


After all, Momma loves Lego almost as much as the boys.
Ok,  fess – I probably love it more.

Lego tips:

We’ve generally hit our nearest Lego store (Bellevue Mall, just 20 mins east of Seattle) or even the nearest Target (Bellingham) for Lego. When the dollar is not so bad, it’s reasonable because US prices are still 30% less than what they are here, and I always like an excuse for a shopping trip ;-). The Lego store has a whopping 10% off sale on Black Friday, sweetening the deal ever so slightly. If you spend over $100 (which is not difficult!), they give you a little box to come back and fill “for free” (plus the $50 in gas to get there, but somehow I still get suckered) off their Lego Wall. Plus they have a little scratch card they mark every time you buy something to keep for a future discount. I’ve also bought random Lego at swapmeets, which usually do not include instructions, but are good for our “Uncle Pete” bin (my brothers old old Lego hand-me-downs – a great bucket of totally random pieces). IF you can wait until a Lego is out of style, you can pick up 20% discounted Lego at London Drugs or other such shops, and Bionicles often are found priced “buy 1 get 1 free”. Yes, we know a lot about our Lego…

Hours of fun – and wonderful creativity!