My homeschooled kid (#3) has a new website blog : to keep us all bloggy-with-it until I return to my own site :)


A day I knew all along must come, is here.

I bid the bloggy world GOODBYE! I’m pleased with myself to be writing my 198th post! And, although I still have 30 or 40 “post ideas” written in my little journal, the time has come to put my energy into other things. Like sleep ;).

I’ll miss all you bloggy friends out there! I’ve enjoyed watching more and more people come by to visit in my “stats” log. I’m happy to have gotten to know some new people through this blog with continued email chats, and I hope to continue those relationships.

I’d end it all with a photo, but I can’t even muster the energy for that today – sorry! lol.

Anyhow, I’m off to water my tomatoes, wish my daughters well on exams, feed the boys breakfast and get outside, dig into some great devotionals, meet with friends and – gasp – perhaps even start a book!

Alison Kent, aka Momma.

p.s. For the heck’of’it, I posted the rest of my poems below ;).

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P5300024tuesdays for tea
June 9, 2009

Happy belated Tuesday…
Does it count if it’s still Tuesday in my head?!
<more here>


DSC_2793Just Pics…
June 7, 2009

Nothing new to say today, so I’m posting some random pics.
Grabbed my Dad’s camera back, so it’s fun pointing and shooting!
<more here>


P5300012Lovin’ Vancouver! Our favorite places : The Secret Garden
June 5, 2009

It’s a restaurant, it’s a shop, it’s a destination, it’s an event – the Secret Garden! Every year for the past…
<more here>


DSC_0054the Poetry of Life #009
June 4, 2009

Tall and graceful now you stand
Where once you barely…
<more here>


dsc_9182Crafting Time – Part 5
June 3, 2009
<more here>


P5300017tuesdays for tea 09.06.02
June 2, 2009

Another tuesday, another chat over tea!I had THE MOST incredible experience last night – I just have to share. It was amazing! It was…
<more here>


P5300066Thrifty Finds : SHOES!
June 2, 2009

I’m sorry to blog about one little photo (then again, why not??), but are these not THE MOST ADORABLE SHOES EVER????
<more here>


P5290005April showers brought…
June 1, 2009

… Yes, May FLOWERS!
Generally I’m not crazy about anything growing that I can’t eat, but 90% of the flowers in our yard… <more here>


P5300066Ahhhh, BBQ Season!
May 31, 2009

May has been a gorgeous month for Vancouver, and we’ve been taking FULL advantage of it!
We have to… <more here>


animals dot nationalgeographic dot com 2Saving More Sharks!
May 30, 2009

Well, after this post about Saving the Sharks, we have a few updates!
I was working on our…
<more here>


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tuesdays for tea 09.06.09

P5300024Happy belated Tuesday…
Does it count if it’s still Tuesday in my head?!

We’ve been on HOLIDAY! Again! After 2 days of fun-in-the-sun watching the girls each play their first beach volleyball tournament of the season, the boys + I left for Victoria to visit my sister + their cousins. Good times were had by all. Sleep was had by all but me.

Whilst on the isle, we went to the BUG ZOO. Who knew such a thing could exist. It was tiny (well, they ARE just bugs), only 2 rooms, but the kids loved it. We hit a “tour”, so the bug guide let the kids hold all kinds of creepy crawlies. Ick.

While we were gone, Hubby got A TON of things done around the house! I don’t know whether to pack up the boys more often so he can get all our odds + ends done, or send them all away so I can finally get some things done around the house… Tough call, that one…

Before I left I attended my first Homeschool Conference! It was … ok. I attended one chat, which was … ok. Then walked around and picked up some science kits and a King Tut game for Tt, none of which was on our list of things to consider by our new teacher. I’m not sure I’m liking the list we received, and our teacher hasn’t met Tt yet, so we’ll see what happens ;).

Well, back into the swing of things means I need to get ready to head out for a meeting. *Sigh*. But, alas, we still have Maui to pay for…

Enjoy the sunshine!

blog signoff 2

the Poetry of Life – #015

Seeing your smiling face
Puts my heart in a special space.
Watching you play in your little place
Fills me with joy, makes my heart race.
Even when you – oops – and broke my vase,
It was an accident I could erase.
With eyes wide you made a solid case
For me to forgive without a trace.
Our love will always be a strong base,
Even though you live at a very fast pace!

copyright AKent 2009


the Poetry of Life – #014

Tt is one of my very special boys.
His arms and his legs are made out of toys!
He plays and he plays,
Staying inside all his days,
To see which toys he most enjoys!

copyright AKent 2009


the Poetry of Life – #013

“Mom, I need to buy this shirt!”, said she.
I thought a minute – is it really a need?
Will she wear it out more times than three?
It was on sale, though hardly for free…
But in the end, I said, “Sure, sweet”.
The shirt, you see, will also fit me ;-)

copyright 2009 AKent


the Poetry of Life – #012

I find some quiet
Peaceful rest
And sit to talk
With You at last.
You were beside me
Throughout my day,
But I was too busy
To stop and pray.
I failed to make
A way for You
To be the center
Of all I would do.
And so now I sit
In silent sorrow,
And pray it’ll be
Different tomorrow.

copyright AKent 2009



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