tuesdays for tea 09.06.02

P5300017Another tuesday, another chat over tea!

I had THE MOST incredible experience last night – I just have to share. It was amazing! It was… SLEEP! I fell asleep on the couch around 8:30pm and woke up just before 6am, and I DIDN’T WAKE UP IN BETWEEN!! I woke up feeling like I had actually slept! Amazing. Hubby asked if I felt “all better” after one night. Uh, not. But it’s a start. Now I just need about 2 more weeks of the same (please, Boo, please!!) and I’d be a whole new woman.

Otherwise, I’m dreading the passing of the next 12 days. The last 12 days of my eldest daughter just being home. *sigh*. I have special dinners out planned – nowhere fancy, just our faves – for our final two wednesday eve’s, and we have a big dinner event planned on our last Sunday before she’s gone for volleyball this and that for most of the first half of the summer, and again most of the last half of summer. Then she’s GONE! On res, studying, busy, working hard, living away, playing big vball games. Gone. *sigh*. I’m dreading it. MANY a photo will be taken over the next 12 days.

But, otherwise, I’m excited for summer because this is the first summer I can remember in a long time where we’re mostly at home! In my yard, picking tomatoes! Going on local outings to you-pick strawberries, aquabus adventures, afternoons at Granville Island followed by evenings cooking, BBQ’s, beaches, etc. I’ve heard it’s going to be a hot, sunny summer here, rather than our usual chilly rain until mid-July. Wonderful. I love to be home. Where do you love most to be?

Have a happy, sunny Tuesday.
I’m off to water my tow-maters.

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Thrifty Finds : SHOES!

I’m sorry to blog about one little photo (then again, why not??), but are these not THE MOST ADORABLE SHOES EVER????


Ballerina espadrilles in pale pink!! There is quite a heel on them, you just can’t see it here…

I found them completely by fluke in a thrift shop, as I was looking for more crystal glasses while out with B, and thought of A immediately.

My little (ok, taller than me…) ballerina.


Guess how much. No, really, guess. Because the price makes them even more precious.

Six bucks.
Get out and thrift! (OHMYGOSH, the old me just turned over in her grave…).

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April showers brought…

… Yes, May FLOWERS!

Generally I’m not crazy about anything growing that I can’t eat, but 90% of the flowers in our yard grow “wild” – without any care whatsoever from me. In that, they’re a carefree pleasure when they bloom.

Enjoy all that spring has to bring!

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Ahhhh, BBQ season!

May has been a gorgeous month for Vancouver, and we’ve been taking FULL advantage of it!
We have to – it usually goes back to crap and cold for June and even the first half of July… Ahhhh, Vancouver.

We’ve been hard at work on the backyard and getting everything pretty and ready.

This weekend the weather man had promised SUN and temperature in the 20’s, so we set up to host three big BBQ’s! Add friends and the odd glass of wine to eating outdoors?? BLISS.


The first BBQ was my Mom/Dad/Nana. Reeee-laxing.

Next up was A’s entire vball team – and parents – for an end-of-year celebration. Not so much on the relaxing, but a lot of fun.


Then we capped it off with good friends we hadn’t seen in awhile.


Who needs anything more in life.

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Saving More Sharks!

Well, after this post about Saving the Sharks, we have a few updates!

I was working on our applique (aka wearable protest signs) and thought we should put a website or something up for people to go to, and be educated on the plight of sharks. So I emailed Sharkwater to see if it was ok to use their name on our wee little shirts.

YES, they said, and told us we might be featured on their blog!
A few days later, these came in the mail. The poster is AUTOGRAPHED by Rob Stewart, the creator of the documentary Sharkwater.



Here’s an excerpt from one of the mag’s…


Anyhow, we finally finished up our T-shirt appliques and even sent our first one out to bloggy friends (it’ll be there soon, Obi!). Tt was proud to wear his out and about.



I was telling my daughters the story and they said they’d wear them to school – AND their friends too!


So there we go! Tt’s wish to “make a sign so people will stop killing sharks” is getting out there.
Join his little protest!
Go to www.sharkwater.com and learn about the shark situation.
Join Jackie Chan and Yeo Ming with WildAid and DO NOT eat shark fin soup.
And, comment below for your own t-shirt applique (sorry, shirt not included. I’m on a BUDGET now, remember?!?).


Ain’t they sweet??

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Mikey + Boo

Ok – once in awhile I suppose I can post just a sentence or two and a single photo. Why must I blather on every day? ;-).

This was too cute for words.
Apparently Mikey is doing well since his surgery and making himself right back at home.
(It’s taken at night w/ my camera phone, so not very clear, but you get the cute factor regardless, no?!).


Of course, if Boo were awake, he’d chase and torture poor Mikey to no end.
I guess Mikey knew it was safe to snuggle in for bed.

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