Lovin’ Vancouver! Our favorite places : Granville Island

We LOVE Granville Island. And for so many reasons…


There’s the market. FOOD, food, food. Oyama Sausage, Armando’s Meats, Veggies galore, Italian cheeses and pastas, flowers… YUM.



I do love to cook!
There’s the breakfast pear and brown sugar crepe with a small latte…

There’s the French guy (Joshua Minsky) with the bow tie who plays, well, French music.
I even bought a CD, which I play ALL the time!

wwwsquidoocomjoshuaminsky(This one photo is not mine – credit goes here)

There are the pigeons…
Ok, so we don’t ALWAYS love those – see “Rain, rain you can stay“.

dsc_0626Our little Thursday snack picnic :).
Yes, Tt is actually smiling – it never really works when he does it on purpose!

There’s the view.
Whew. It’s just so beautiful.


There’s the little Aqua buses that we can take a tour on for only a buck or two.
There’s Theatre Sports!
I’ve been going to shows here since I moved to Vancouver almost 20 years ago.
(Oh, I’m getting older…).


There’s wine.
Which, for the record, I know NOTHING about. I have to keep labels when I like something and ask what’s recommended (for my budget) every time.
There’s the Stocks and Sauces stop, the Thai/Asian foods stop… Oh, I could go on. All day. Seriously.

There’s the Kids Market for toys!
(Too bad Hubby’s banned me from toy stores…).


There’s the sweet baguette shop.
Where the French guy often plays… (Apropo, non?).


And so very much more. I could go on about salmon pepperonis, duck confits, bead stores, glass making, rogers chocolates, early am tomatoes in season, water parks, seawall walks… How is it possible to have so much in one little spot of our city??

I need to go do an entire slide show for Granville Island – there are just too many pics for one little blog!
Will update later this week after our next Thursday picnic ;-).

If you’re heading to Vancouver for 2010, this stop is a must.
Mapquest location here.


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