Manual Photography Selections : #03

Ok, I know I said I’d try to take more pics of things OTHER THAN my kids, but… I said I’d TRY, not that I WOULD. And, I’m still in the midst of volleyball season, which means that my indoor-poor-lighting-fast-movement challenge is still on.

A few weeks ago I tried some film, but forgot my flash.
This is the result:

41880018And that was the best of the bunch.
So, this past weekend I brought the flash. Fortunately she told me afterwards that it didn’t bother her – even as it was going off in her face as she made some heroic shot or other!

Still quite a bit darker than I’d like, but finally I’ve stopped motion! I can’t seem to get this shot with the digital, even on manual settings. Even the ball itself is clear!

I’d like to crop in closer to “my subject”. And try some contrast adjustments. These are right outta the can because I don’t yet own or know how to use Photoshop.

Can you hardly tell she’s done years of ballet??

This one wasn’t as clear, but it’s my “money shot”! I can’t remember if she saved this ball or not, but she sure looks good trying!

I have one more try for “THE” indoor volleyball shot – next tournaments in better stadiums.

In the meantime, I took a roll or two in my backyard yesterday – it was SUNNY! AND WARM!!
I’ll post those sometime soon, assuming any turned out.






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Ser-VICE! part 3

I went with my eldest, B, to a tournament in Nanaimo (2.5 days with no wee ones!!!) (too bad I had a lumpy bed… and bad pillow… and no sleep…). ANywhoo, there was this cool red “curtain” dividing two gyms and it was a very cool backdrop for taking shots against.


It’s interesting how different all the girls serves are, and how wildly they contort their bodies to get that little white ball over that flimsy little net. Amazing.

But, alas, B does not get to serve (in Canada) as Libero, so here’s my “shot of the day” for her, too!

dsc_1406Fuzzy, but she made a great save here! Sorry, she made a great DIG here.
I forget my lingo sometimes.





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I’m not sure I can ever beat the shot I got here with B hovering over the floor, catching a shot off her hand.
But that won’t stop me from trying! It’s just such a challenge to get these indoor shots of moving girls.

Of course, the still shots can be great too. This is Gramma’s shot with her D300 super-duper-never-her-eldest-(and-greatest)-daughter-shall-touch-it camera. Pretty good considering we were watching A through netting!

The place doubles as a speed bike or rollerblad or something fast-ish racing kind of thing. Descriptive, no?
The boys had a grand old time sliding down the steep sides again and again (another Gramma shot).
I just kept thinking “there goes two more pairs of pants to the ripped-and-torn bin”. Such a wet blanket am I.


I LOVE this shot. Usually A (or B) is blurry from moving and everyone else is focused. Somehow (I was probably moving – oops!) I managed the opposite here and I think it looks really cool.

It always amazes me how someone barely taller than me can jump – and BLOCK – this high… I wish her #1 on her jersey showed up a bit more in this shot. She was named Team Captain for the season and gets to wear #1! It’s a big honor. Wow. What a jump.
Like the ballet legs?? She’s even pointing her toes! Lol.

dsc_5626A good piece of action – another of Gramma’s shots.
Except I think she missed this ball… Do you remember, A? Doesn’t matter – you looked great going for it!
My, that girl has the longest, most beautiful limbs I ever saw.

So, those are the most recent best-of action shots I could get!
I’ll try my manual camera again next tourney – this time with FLASH…