Happy Valentine

My funny family,
You make me smile with my heart.


‘Round here every occasion is an excuse to make it an occasion. Valentine’s is no exception.
We make our V-day cards (thanks, PW!) for cousins and friends, and put together little “love package” to take to the girls at school for lunch to share with their friends. (Am I the best Mom EV-ER or what!?).


Momma picks out and buys herself a treat.
This year it was this gorgeous silvery-grey tunic from a local yoga-ish shop. (Thanks Halfmoon for allowing me to buy this while my kid was screaming to try on at home and return if it didn’t fit even though it was on sale!!).
I had Tt take some pics so I could figure out how best to wear a scarf with it…
(I went with the red, but not so long and “piratey”).



We tell Hubby to take his three special girls out s’where special (picked out by us). (Thanks, Gramma/Grampa for babysitting boys!).
This year it’s Vij’s, a personal Indian-fusion FAVE, for their melt-in-your-mouth lamb popsicles.
(A diet-night-off when you eat a dish cooked in 4 cups of heavy cream!).



We had an hour and a half wait for dinner, so we walked some shops with the girls while waiting. I met a nice couple from Seattle who drove all the way just to eat at Vij’s! I hope their meal was worth it. Then n home to relieve Gramma/Grampa, watch a movie and finish those Krispy Kremes. Gluttonous. Wonderful.

This year I’m just in love with my family. Stories have been hitting me from every side about families who have lost or are losing their Mothers, and I’m just very grateful to have this moment, this day, with Hubby and my 4 kids.