Thrifty Finds : Metal Bowls

Had a FUN day of thrift store shopping last weekend with good friend NR.
OOOOhhhh, the finds. And it’s (almost) guilt-free shopping when everything costs less than $5!
Most things were $1.99!

But I actually found these two silver bowls on two previous and separate occasions…

p3280193(I’m using my daughters BRIGHT pink camera to take this – can you tell?!!?)

Now comes the challenge of finding either more, or flat platters that “go” with them. I had no luck on either today.

I did, however, find these treasures.


Don’t they look SOOOO Martha??! They absolutely do NOT match a single thing in my kitchen, except the silver bowls above, but what-ev-ah. They were gorgeous. And only $7 for the set.


I also found 4 crystal (I think… I’m pretty sure…) glasses to go with my other 8. I like that it’s a completely different pattern than the others.


Now to invite 12 people over for dinner!
But, only 4 get the delicious dessert bowls 😉 .