10 Things I LOVE : 09.04

1. Spring! When it’s NOT raining. It’s not my FAVORITE season – that’d have to be fall, but I do love the newness and anticipation that Spring brings. I love the starting over. I love knowing that summer is near(ish). I love starting to get outdoors again. I love making all our holiday plans!


2. Eating from my own garden! There is nothing better than making a recipe and saying “Oh, I have this ingredient down in my garden. I’ll go get it.” Of course, all I’ll have this year are tomatoes and raspberries, so we’ll be eating a LOT of tomato salad and raspberries on French Butter Cake


3. BLOGGING 😉. I’m 160 posts in, and busy as all heck, and still manage to have things to say just about every day. People are even reading – AND COMMENTING! I love – LOVE – getting comments and answer every single one. It’s validating, sure, but I also enjoy the ongoing conversation of it. The comments always add to the piece, so it’s cool that way. I already have the Poetry of Life poems set up to post twice a month through until OCTOBER. Ooooh, the anticipation !!.


4. Dinners. Family dinners, dinner parties – give me 90 minutes in the kitchen, and preferrably an unlimited budge, and I’m in my happy place. Dinners out get harder the better you begin to cook, but if it’s something I woudn’t cook at home, I still enjoy it! Once a year I get two dinner cravings – and only ONCE a year : for a Big Mac and for Chinese Food. Chinese was done last night, so I’m good for another year. We’ll talk about that Big Mac.


5. My sleep… Oh, I do love my sleep. I miss my sleep, desperately. I love my pillow – I take it with me on every holiday to ward off bad sleeps. I love my warm fuzzy blanket. I love my med-hard bed. So far these two hotels have offered THE ABSOLUTE BEST sleeps : Manteo Resort in Kelowna, BC and the Sofitel at the Heathrow Airport in London. THE best beds in my life.

6. OPI. We have a bit of nailpolish and are ever-collecting, but must say OPI is our fave. Not only great colors, but they go on smoooooth as silk, and aren’t too soupy or gloppy. Are soupy and gloppy words? Who cares. We particularily liked the “France” collection.


7. Fashion. Love to look at clothes. Always have. Always will. Wish I had money and time to dress half way decent. Always have. Always will. ‘Nuff said. Check out my “wish list” and my “Fashion picks“. I won’t bore you with a photo of how I currently dress. Yawn.

8. Homeschooling. I’m so excited for September to come! To get a teacher-aide, to get fresh new boxes of books, to watch Tt on his first soccer team, to sign up for piano (oh, wait… that will likely be painful…). Ahhhh, it’s hard to wait for Sept when you really don’t even have to ;-). Tt? Not sure I would use the word “excited”. He still thinks that school IN ANY FORM is “optional”. *sigh*.


9. Thrifty shopping! Guilt-free shopping – who knew? So far the only things I pick up are collared shirts for the boys (mostly Boo – the older ones are too worn or just plain old UG-leee), and kitchen gadgets, but it’s the thrill of the hunt. We’ve about exhausted the thrift stores and will be moving up to “home consignment” stores in the near future. Will keep everyone posted, I’m sure ;-).


10. Tea. Nothing like beginning the day with a cup of tea while making the boys breakfast, reading our Bible story and talking. And nothing like ending the day with a cup of tea while softly tapping away at my computer (except for that DANGED “I” key which Boo yanked off that never sits quite right and so I BANG it into place and say bad words) visiting people near and far. Ahhhhh, tea. Especially on tuesdays ;-).

Which ones do YOU love too??





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10 things I LOVE – 09.01

1. New Years “things we reflect on” list. Every New Years Eve Hubby and I write a list of things that happened – good, bad + ugly – throughout the just-passed year. It’s always a full, full list.

2. New Years dinners. I can’t believe I missed it this year! I always make my fanciest meal of the year on NYE, but this year, alas, I was too ill. Hubby jumped in and made roast beef and about 5 different starches for our guests. That’s so Hubby.

3. Cafe de Paris. I LOVE this restaurant! We go probably only once a year, but it’s always worth it. Cafe de Paris – Denman St.


4. SNOW!? I DO still love snow, but rained-on snow is beginning to be a different story…


5. T’s smile… I just can’t get enough of it. He’s becoming such a young man! (Guess I could have combed his hair that day… it WAS Christmas, after all!) (see blog).


6. Mini DVD players – ours has come in handy SO many times. YET, it’s not actually ATTACHED to our vehicle, so I’m not stuck saying “No, you can’t watch a cartoon every time we’re in the car, you must actually talk with your Mother once in awhile”.

7. Boxing Day shopping. It still beats out Black Friday for me. Maybe just because it’s so close to home. This year all I found was this one shirt, which wasn’t even on much of a sale…


8. Starting a fresh daytimer. ALTHOUGH, that said, I do have a 16-month daytimer this time, and it started last September, so I’m still on it. I LOVE this one – my moleskine. LOVE it. Bought it last summer at Chapters.


9. Reading about Paris. So far I’ve only gotten as far as the Eyewitness Guide, but I even love those. I’ve started re-reading mine in prep for Paris 2011. Ahhh, Paris. I’ve updated my Page – check it out.


10. Nail buffing. It’s been around for-ev-er, I’m sure, but I used to try to clear polish and my nails would ALWAYS split. The last month or two A and I have been “buffing” and not only does the shine last for weeks, it doesn’t require nasty nail polish remover! Ahhh, my nails are lookin’ FINE.

10 things I LOVE – 08.12.15

1. Cooking (and of course eating) French Food. I do it so much, you’d think I know a thing or two by now, but alas… I roughly (and in great panic) follow instructions and try not to screw it up. I don’t think I do ANY French Chefs proud, but it’s still my favorite food cook – and to serve at dinners. This is my latest book purchase – the author/restauranteur was the advisor for “Ratatouille”, my favorite Disney/Pixar cartoon ;-). I made a number of recipes (or ATTEMPTED to make…) for B’s 17th bday family dinner coming up.


2. Puerto Vallarta. I’m so crazy missing Mexico right now! Warm night air, taquitos, Corona’s, hot sunshine, swimming with zee fishes… Ahhhhh. My last visit was out-in-nowhere Mayan Riviera in an all-inclusive – not, in the end, my cup of tea. I miss the (touristy) Mexican CITY life of Puerto Vallarta. I still remember this one restaurant recommended during my second visit by locals (and safe for tourists) : Pipis – guacamole made to order right at your table. YUM.

3. Wrapping Presents! I love wrapping the treasures I’ve found and stacking all them up under the tree! I never want to wait to hand them out, which is probably why we start opening gifts around the 20th… I’m always just a little bit sad coming home at the end of Christmas day to that poor, lonely, cold (and long dead) tree.


4. My beautiful two-toned kitchen. When we were ready to FINALLY install a real live kitchen after 4 years of reno’s, I was so excited. But the photo I’d remembered loving of a two-tone kitchen was long lost. I took a chance and ordered it as I still saw it in my head, and voila! A beautiful kitchen. I love that the dark lower cabinets and floors feel grounding, while the white uppers and ceiling feel light and airy. I love that I installed 30″ deep cabinets rather than 24″. I love the (indestructible) white countertops. I love it. Love it. Which is good, because I’m sure I spend more time here than my own bed.

dsc_8000(this is a really bad photo on a dark, cloudy day… I esp love the dark floors/lower cabinets at night – so calming, while the white uppers bounce around a little of the lighting.)

5. Bags. No, not the ones under my eyes – the bright, shiny or funky models on my arm meant to DISTRACT you from the ones under my eyes… Until there is ONE bag to go with EVERY outfit, day or night, there can never be too many bags in my closet! I took a pic of some of my faves. I bet you can’t guess which cost $4.99 and which cost, well, significantly more! I’m saving to hit next years Black Friday at Nordstroms for some new models. (Yes, some of my goals in life are that simple).


6. Jesus. He rocks. It’s almost His birthday. (Luke 2:10, 11 – I am bringing you some good news… Today your Savior was born”).

7. A’s sparkly eyes. Her whole entire body lights up when she smiles, right through her eyes. (see blog)


8. Bellevue Mall (in Washington) – a LEGO store, W&S and FOUR kinds of Pottery Barn!! What is not to love?? I ventured down for Black Friday (and here and here) just for that Lego Store alone…

9. Pioneer Woman – visual and emotional feast! My mom got me hooked onto her blog, and I always venture over when I’m tired of writing and am in need of a sit’n’read break – it’s really the only one I read. I’ve faithfully kept up to reading her “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” love story and have made a few of her recipes already. Check her out: The Pioneer Woman

10. Laptops – I’m on my… third Toshiba in 6+ years. I guess that maybe doesn’t sell it well ;-), but so far they’ve been pretty good taking all the crap I pile on ’em. I especially love my big screen and extra number pad on this one! HOW did people LIVE before laptops!? Being able to carry my computer anywhere, means I can plug in, work, google, write ANYWHERE (I often pack up and go work from a nearby Starbucks). It also means I leave a messy trail of work, papers, crap EVERYWHERE. ahhh, well, can’t have it all.

dsc_7998(another iffy camera moment… notice all the smudgy fingerprints on my screen?? and Boo in the background sneaking a play w/ Tt’s Lego’s! Ai-ya!)

10 things I LOVE – 08.12.01

There are a lotta things I love in life… Here are the next 10!
(For the first 10, see blog)

1. My Family. Awwww! Hubby and Kids are just swell. Something else I love? Family Photos. Of all of us. Together. I’m taking them all the time, but we also take one every year to put into our Christmas cards.


2. Road Trips. Even if they are just down to Seattle and back! I love just getting into a car and going, wherever, whenever. I love the freedom of a car to stop when I danged well please. And, so, I must also love my roomy Toyota Sienna…

3. Lists. Hand-written, day-timered, texted, emailed – oooh, I love all kinds of lists. Countdowns, things to do, 10-year plans (yes, I did, but honestly – 10 years?) (yaaa, I actually made one to follow the “big events” of the next 20…). If ever I need to sum up my life, it’ll be a series of detailed lists with accompanying spreadsheets, with a few photos thrown in.

4. My PHONE. Samsung BlackJack. I swear I can text at least 50wpm on this baby. HOW did people survive before being able to get all their emails, text and voice messages ALL on their phone!?! I have no idea. It must have been a measly existence. BUT, we bought B the iPhone for her 17th bday… I think I’ll be upgrading soon… And A just got a similar one to mine that flips so your screen doesn’t get so scratched… hmmm.


5. Swapmeets. What a great way to score cheap Lego! And Bionicles! And Hot Wheels! Sure, you have to drive all the way to Tim-buck-too, spending countless dollars in gas… But seriously – $0.25 Hot Wheels – come on! Who wouldn’t grab that?
I find the Greater Vancouver ones at this website: http://kidsvancouver.com/index_swapmeets.htm

6. Exposure. South Granville is one of THE places I like to shop – it’s close, in the summers we walk all the way down, and it’s got some funky stuff. B, A and I always find at least one thing to sneak onto the Visa when Hubby isn’t looking. My last purchase there was two great tops.

7. RICEWORKS chips!! I’m soooo in my happy place when I eat these. It lists the fat/calories per 10 chips… guess I have to multiply by 10 for one of my servings – yikes. No longer such a “healthy choice” when you totally gorge on them.


8. Pear and Brown Sugar crepes. *sigh*. Nothing beats a morning down at Granville Island, starting with a pear and brown sugar crepe and a latte in the food court, heading to Oyama (see the last “10 things” list) to buy “supplies” and heading home to prepare for a dinner party.

9. Boo’s eyelashes. I just love ’em. (see blog)


10. Christmas Trees!! We have ours up by or on DEC 1st every year. The lights have been up since early November! What can I say? I love to be festive. I love making occasions, even the small ones, special. Every year we “theme” our Christmas – blue/silver, red/silver, green/silver (I’m not big on gold), and we pick the decorations to go with our wrapping paper so it’s all “coordinating”.


10 things I LOVE – 08.11.15

1. Vij’s. My g’friend PT first brought me to Vij’s restaurant (Indian Fusion) about 10 (or more) years ago, and it’s still in my top 5 for sure. It gets a top pick because I’m SOOOO craving the lamb popsicles in curry cream right now. http://www.vijs.ca I even have the cookbook!

2. EGGNOG LATTES. Starbucks, I love you. November 13th. Eggnog. Here. I can’t wait.

my favorite "mug"

3. Freedman’s. I’ve decided to start collecting shoes. All my shoes are either from Shoe Warehouse or Freedmans, and most people can’t tell which are from where. http://www.freedmanshoes.com/. My best summer purchase below… Next up – a new pair of them knee-high black leather boots!

momma's shoe

4. My new necklace. Husband and the girls got this necklace for me for my birthday – I love it. Ok, so it’s not a perfectly clear pic – it’s silver twisted sticks in a circle. It’s a pendant, just a glass necklace, or a place to stick some beads. I originally put a different color bead in for each person in our family. Find the artist here: http://www.catherineweitzman.com/. Also sold at Blue Ruby or Hill’s in Kerrisdale.

glass locket

5. JAMESBABY !! I love James Bond. He’s just aaawweesooomeee. AND he’s here the DAY AFTER EGGNOG LATTES! Connery, Moore, Brosnan and now Craig (what “other” bonds?!). Amazing action, “romance” (I don’t really think you can call it that, but…), secret spy stuff – ahhhhh, what more could you ask for. November 14th! (And apparently Bond 23 is slated for 2010!!! I’ll have to add that to my “Movies” list!!).


6. Oyama Sausage down on Granville Island has YUM of all kinds. Duck confit for my salads, sausages for the BBQ’s in the summer or pastas in the winter, salamis for the boys, pates for parties and CHEeeesssee. I’ve just ordered 3 of their annual frozen cassoulets and cannot WAIT to try them out. http://www.oyamasausage.ca/oyama_sausage_company.html

7. ‘My’ Camera. quotes added because it’s not mine – it’s begged and borrowed, but I’ve sure enjoyed using it. My photos are soo much nicer with it! NIKON D50. Maybe one day Grampa will forget I have it…


8. Girls nights out. I don’t have photos to back these up, but they do happen on occassion, sometimes with my daughters, sometimes with a friend or two. LOVE ’em and plan to get out for them faaaar more often this coming year.

9. Making older houses new and fab-u-lous. Well, it’s my job, but I sure love taking an older house and making it into something fantastic and beautiful. Now if only I could get my own house done… *sigh*. (or even just my website…)

10. Paris. Husband and I went out for a date last night and I kept saying how excited I am to go for “my 40th” in a few years. I’ve got to start doing some research! I’ve been three times now, but there’s just still so much to explore. Where does one find “the” early morning baguette? Which restaurant has “the” most yummiest cassoulet? These are questions which must be answered.

eiffel tower