Ser-VICE! part 2

I’m not sure I can ever beat the shot I got here with B hovering over the floor, catching a shot off her hand.
But that won’t stop me from trying! It’s just such a challenge to get these indoor shots of moving girls.

Of course, the still shots can be great too. This is Gramma’s shot with her D300 super-duper-never-her-eldest-(and-greatest)-daughter-shall-touch-it camera. Pretty good considering we were watching A through netting!

The place doubles as a speed bike or rollerblad or something fast-ish racing kind of thing. Descriptive, no?
The boys had a grand old time sliding down the steep sides again and again (another Gramma shot).
I just kept thinking “there goes two more pairs of pants to the ripped-and-torn bin”. Such a wet blanket am I.


I LOVE this shot. Usually A (or B) is blurry from moving and everyone else is focused. Somehow (I was probably moving – oops!) I managed the opposite here and I think it looks really cool.

It always amazes me how someone barely taller than me can jump – and BLOCK – this high… I wish her #1 on her jersey showed up a bit more in this shot. She was named Team Captain for the season and gets to wear #1! It’s a big honor. Wow. What a jump.
Like the ballet legs?? She’s even pointing her toes! Lol.

dsc_5626A good piece of action – another of Gramma’s shots.
Except I think she missed this ball… Do you remember, A? Doesn’t matter – you looked great going for it!
My, that girl has the longest, most beautiful limbs I ever saw.

So, those are the most recent best-of action shots I could get!
I’ll try my manual camera again next tourney – this time with FLASH…


Oooohh, that laughter…

Our eldest, B… *sigh*. She’s applying to colleges, big league volleyball teams, taking driver exams and soon to apply for an actual JOB.
Where did it go? Wasn’t it just a few months ago she was just this little punk 8 yr old with long, messy hair and nothing but sweats and ratty old running shoes for fashion?

dsc_5975(OHMYGOSH – seriously – I looked so much younger without the bags and wrinkles under my eyes!! What DID happen to all those years?!?!)

She’s always been the quieter, more serious of the bunch, much like her brother, Boo. Concentrated. Even when she plays sports, she’s even, steady, but very much present and ready to spring into action when needed. And only when needed ;-). (Her and I are lazy bugs at heart).


Although the odd quick smile comes often enough, true from-the-gut laughter is her real charm. You can just feel her letting go of the “serious” side and moving into her “freer” mind. I smile, inside and out, every time I hear her laugh.


Now, most often around here, when she’s laughing it’s at one of her silly brothers (Tt was taking these shots and making B and her friends laugh)…


(even mid-summer, after pre-trip fake’n’bakes and a trip to HOT sunny Italy, I’m still white as a ghost! GEEZ! oh, ya, this is about B…)

Or her equally silly daddy…

img_0524(ok – REALLY bad shot, but this is B laughing at her Daddy trying to sing to RockBand – it was hilarious and I loved her laugh)

But, regardless. It just warms my heart and I hope she still finds time to just sit and laugh after she officially begins to take on the responsibilities of “adulthood” in a few more months. *sigh*.


dscn27981(AHHhahaha – I could post this one a million times – they were all just laughing so hard!)

Empty Nester, phase 1.0

Husband and I are soon to start our journey to “Empty Nesters”. It’ll be a 4 phase process, since we have, well, 4 Kids, spanning over the next… 8 months to 16 years! (ya, ok – it’s a long ways off, but that doesn’t make “losing” Kid #1 any easier!)

B baby

Kid #1, B, is GRADUATING this year.
She’s driving a car. She’s wearing silk dresses and high heels to dinners and photo shoots. She’s making decisions about HER OWN FUTURE. She can cook entire meals for herself. What happened to that rough’n’tough 8 yr old who lived for sweats and runners? Where on earth did the last 9 years go??

B tween

In the next 8 months she could be GONE. Off. To school, somewhere, living on her own, taking care of herself. NOT NEEDING ME EVERY DAY! How will she cope??

And how will our home not feel just a little bit empty without her around…

Even though we wish and hope and pray she’ll end up staying in town, living at home and going to a University nearby, and being here forever, I suppose she should keep on growing up.

B 16 1/2

And I have to do this HOW many times?!

I can only hope that by the time the last Kid leaves our nest, we can start seeing some grandKids running about ;-).