tuesdays for tea – 09.03.31

tea_with_minttwinings_webI really need some new tea around here… And it has to be “caf” to keep my migraines away, until I have the whereabouts about me to actually delve into whatever’s creating said migraines. Until then, caf me up, baby!

I was reading the literary wonder that is “In Style” magazine last night, and I must say those actors are all just massive over-achievers. Not only do they work, they raise kids – adopted or otherwise, work for Unicef or some other dozens of charities, have any number of fascinating (of course) hobbies, find the time for multiple beaus and/or wedded blisses, find the time to work out 2 hrs a day, find the time and energy to wear something new and fresh every day, PLUS they are all bloody well reversing the aging process! They are defying time itself!

While it’s great to think that at 5o I can actually look 35 if I work real, real hard (and buy a lot of product…), right now I’m 35 (plus 2…) and feeling as though I look 50. And let me tell you, it’s not so great in reverse.

On the bright and cheery side, the RAIN has official kicked Vancouver off into Spring.
It’s a’pourin’. Tt and I will be collecting worms all this rainy week for my summer tomatoes and raspberries. We plan to “relocate” them into my future gardeny soil to muck about. Boo will undoubtedly jump in every single puddle he can find, every single time we leave the house. And I will definately forget to put rainboots on him. Every single time.

It’s gonna be a great week…
Hope yours is as well!
(oh, and no, that still isn’t my photo… one day it will be – really it will!)





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tuesdays for tea 09.03.24

Vanilla Earl Grey non-fat tea latte, coming up.

In the meantime, thanks sis once more for the great tea shots – I really will take some soon, promise. Well, I have to – I’m running out of the ones you gave me…

I’ve been complaining – too often – that I’m lacking in sleep because Boo wakes me up every night. Truth be told, it’s not entirely his fault… Boo does still wake up 1-3 times a night. But Tt still wakes up and wanders – asleep – into our room every other night. Sometimes I just stay up too late blogging. Hubby wakes me up twice with noise before he leaves for work and wakes me up for real. And “recovery” weekends are usually spend staying up SUPER late spending time with my girls. Then once in awhile Hubby and I stay up to watch a movie or actually spend SOME time together. All in all, it just equals not a lot of sleep all around.

So, new idea. Sleep for a week. Sure, I’d love time “to myself” at the end of the day, but for a week I’ll have to do without. Bed by 9:30 or 10:00pm. Naps when I can possibly get ’em (like yesterday! thanks, boys!!). Sleeping in on Saturdays. Showers every day! And no sweats. EV-ER. That’s just a slippery downhill slope to frumpyness.

Well, off to our day. Make breaky, pack a lunch to eat with gramma/grampa at “their” mall, music class, groceries and home. And that’s a light day! No wonder I’m so tired. Doesn’t homeschooling mean we’re supposed to be spending lots of time at home??

Enjoy your tuesday, and a cup of tea!


tuesdays for tea 09.03.17

dsc_0394Himalayan Chai tea latte with vanilla syrup and coffee/cardamom sprinkles. Some days life’s just plain yummy. (Thanks sis CTam for the Chai AND for the photo once again!).

I’ve decided my brain is no longer working for me. It’s no longer working. Period. Gone somewhere to never-never-land with Hubbys eyesight, apparently. Aren’t we turning into quite the pair. Boo slept through the night only that 4 nights. The next night, and since, he’s woken up 3-5 times PER FRIGGIN NIGHT! He turns 2 in a week. He’s been waking me up since the day I got pregnant and immediately developed the urge to pee at 3am every morning. That’s 2.75 years of no sleep. And counting.

I used to be a highly organized, life-is-in-the-details, multi-tasking woman on high overload. Now even the adrenaline is giving out to pure disfunctioning blobby nothingness. A blogging blob. A blogblob! Ok, now I’m really losing it.

Anyhow, it’s Spring Break! We’ve been keeping busy and I’m late finishing my Top 10 list for this month. AHHhh, well. Stay tuned – it’ll be a yummy one! We’ve had friends, playdates, volleyball matches – and it’s only just Tues am. Today we get to mostly relax – our playdate cancelled due to flu. More often than not I love it when something is cancelled – it’s like getting a free bonus day ;-). Tomorrow family is in from outta town, we have a few more dinners, more playdates, MUCH more volleyball to watch, Boo’s family bday and probably more, but as previously mentioned, my brain is no longer at my service.

Ah, well. Could be worse. At least my camera’s still working.

Hope you’re all out there enjoying your Spring Break with family + friends!


tuesdays for tea 09.03.10

dsc_0186Ahhhhh. Still a bit snowy outside, sitting with a lovely, big, fat tea latte inside. Does life get better?

Thanks again to sis CTam for the great tea pics for my tuesday “chats”… On my list of things to do this week should be to take some of my own danged pics. Maybe next week’s list.

My mission for this week, should I choose to accept it, is to clean up my laptop. Since I’m SOFAR behind in my scrapbooking, my harddrive hasn’t been cleared of old photos in quite some time. I have… 110 folders in “My Pictures” with exactly 13,842 photos in them. That’s gotta take up some space… And that’s only since August 2008!

I actually have spent some time updating ye olde scrapbook, so it’s time to clear it all out.

Boo has now officially slept through the night for FOUR consecutive nights! Whew! Could it be the end of 3am’s??? Dare to dream. Of course, “through the night” only lasts until 6:00am when he wakes up, but it’s better than 3am AND 6am. Besides, 6am is Hubby’s shift…

I’ve been drinking more water. More than none, at least! Have made dr checkups for the boys and I, have been reading the bible for the boys and for myself every day, and have been faithfully stretching out all my solidifying limbs and joints every day or two (in the shower!). Well on my way to health and happiness. Ahhhh. Does life get better?


tuesdays for tea 09.03.03

drink-teaToday I’m drinking the same thing as last tuesday… On the one hand I really could shake it up a bit – go for a vanilla black tea or something. On the other, this week I’m furthering my focus on simplifying.

I’ve been on a “simplify my life” kick for several months now, and fortunately the girls have really helped by quitting a few of their activities (without my prompting – God just knew what needed to happen) to loosen up our schedule. I’ve tried my absolute best to get on a kind of schedule with the boys, with some “at home” time every day.

I’ve also been simplifying my diet this past year. Well, this past 5 years now, but more so this past year. I’ve finally come up with a chart of 3 or 4 popular diets and good/not good foods. Since most of them get crossed out on one diet or another, eating will be simple! JUuuust kidding. I’ll get some menus worked out with that soon. I’m also working at adding simple things back into my life, like drinking a glass of water every am/pm and spending extra time in the shower to do some stretches to loosen my muscles. And, back to yoga I shall go.

Next up is an annual (meaning every 5 years annual…) physical, a detox weekend, appointments with a naturopath, dentist (mouth guard for grinding before I have no teeth left), reflexologist and acupuncturist to try to “heal” this overwhelming fatigued, muscle tensioned, migraine-prone body of mine.

Hopefully it’ll all come together like a little (albeit painful) body reset button!
Add in renewed time with God, Boo sleeping through the night (soon, please, Boo!!) and a shopping spree to top it all off, and people won’t even recognize me!

Ok – finished my am migraine-avoiding black tea latte. Off to get my glass of water.