tuesdays for tea 09.05.19

l yimg comHow on EARTH did it get to be Tuesday all over again??

We JUST got back from yet another road trip – through the Canadian Rockies to Calgary, Alberta and back. Daughter A was playing the volleyball Nationals there, while daughter B was in Team BC (summer provincial games) tryouts back at home. Both gals did awesome!

The Rockies are beautiful! I kept taking pics of silly mountains with snow and ice on them. We stopped in a few little towns along the way and got to know our province just a little bit better. Found what seems to be a great water-ski lake(s) (Shuswap), a tiny town with an awesome restaurant (Golden), and a Whister-esque puttering shoppers paradise (Banff). And in only 10 driving hours each way…

We caught up with my cousinS G+J for a bit, the boys got to swim in a POOL every day (to them that IS the holiday) and we even went to the Calgary Zoo!

And just like that we’re plunged back into day-to-day life. We’re supposed to all travel to Seattle this weekend right after B’s grad prom for more volleyball (B’s turn), but decided JUST ME would go because everyone else just wants to stay home. Just me! I get a tiny holiday! I get ONE WHOLE night’s sleep away from Boo! I get to browse the outlets without interruption! I get to chat with other Mom’s without having to constantly leave to chase a child! Yippeee!

Well, no real plans for this week but to stay home as much as possible. Tt has a new book on Vikings we’ll get through, a new puzzle on Knights to do and we’ll TRY to get to his “movie-making” project he keeps asking to do.

Wishing everyone a nice, relaxing week too!

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tuesdays for tea 09.05.05

upload-wikimedia-orgEnjoyed a lovely African Rooibos last night, btw. Rooibos is definately my favorite tea – for the evening. Unfortunately it’s naturally decaf, and doesn’t work for my morning anti-migraine ritual.

Well, back from a holiday! And that always means one thing – I need a holiday. I need sleep! Why, oh why, do I never get to sleep on holidays??? Every night Hubby and I were crashed out by 9 or 10pm, and the last two nights at home I’ve gone to bed at 8:30, and still I am tired. Thanks entirely to Boo for religiously waking up with SCREAMS at 1:30, 3:00 and 6:00 am’s. *sigh*.

We came home to a bit of cat-drama. Mikey has been living at the vet the past two weeks. We had him home for only about 6 days before taking him in for checkups, figuring if he hadn’t run away in a week he knew he lived here and he was “ours”. The vet found ulcers in his mouth – can you say PAIN??  We came home to the vet telling us that while he’s done well on all his meds, he now needs a $2,000 oral surgery/geriatric panel. Apparently he is OLD. We don’t have $2,000 to spend on a really OLD, stray cat. And the SPCA doesn’t take really OLD, sick cats. So our only option was to have him put down, and Hubby had the wonderful task of going to the vet last night to discuss. We’ll see what today holds.

Otherwise, back to life as normal! I have a new client to meet this week, and other work to get caught up on, as well as dinners, parties, driving the girls around. I literally have NO IDEA how I’m going to get everything done, so hopefully I’ll surprise myself! Ya, right. But I can truly say life is never dull around here.

On the bright side, my new apple tree has blossoms!!

Have a great week!






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tuesdays for tea 09.04.21

http-www-faqs-org-photo-dictA hot cup of tea can comfort even the greatest of sorrow, even if only a bit.

I know I promised to be more “uplifting”, but life this week is overwhelming to say the least. A heart-hand-ful of dark, black tea is just so fitting. And, no, it’s not my photo ;-).

We just got back from a roadtrip to Kelowna! B played her little heart out at the U18 vball provincials. They came in 9th, not as well as hoped, but it doesn’t matter – LAST WEEK SHE WAS CONFIRMED A SPOT TO PLAY FOR UBC!! She is now UBC (University of BC) Women’s Volleyball’s newest Libero for her upcoming first year of University! WOAH!! We’re all so excited for her. I haven’t kept up, but apparently UBC is #1 in Canada, and possibly moving up to NCAA soon. Anyhow, she may be on the bench the first year or two (or three), but we’ll sure cheer them on anyhow! Woot woot!

We had to leave really late for Kelowna because sweet A was a FINALIST for their high school IDOL competition! She was TOP TEN and got to be part of a big concert performance!! She didn’t make top 5 after that, but she was awesome anyhow. Such bravery! Such a voice!

We left right after, and hauled the almost-4 hours to Kelowna. It was a good “pre-road-trip” practice. We learned that a) Hubby can’t see well enough to drive after dark, and b) Hubby can’t ride in the back when Momma is driving after dark. Let’s just say, we apologize to the authorities for the barf-stained pillow case (MY barf-stained pillowcase) left on the side of the highway at approximately 1am. Lessons learned. ‘Nuff said.

As Hubby was feeling ill, what we didn’t know was that a friend of his back home had breathed his last and moved on to see his Lord that same evening. During a hockey game – THE last game of the season to play, his dear friend had a heart attack and could not be revived. He left behind a dear, dear woman and their two small (a year older each than Tt and Boo) boys. Our hearts – our prayers – all of it, goes out to them.

And, it goes out to dear Mikey the cat, too. With a stray, you don’t always know what you’re getting. And we got a “geriatric” cat with ulcers in his mouth. We left him at the vet as we left town on Friday to get some meds and TLC, and today heard his recovery is slow. I’ll find out more today, but he will likely head straight to the SPCA, where we’ll see if we can find a new Mikey.

On top of it all, our washer completely broke down as we’re trying to get pre-trip laundry done (of COURSE!!!). I had to spend my morning shopping for a washer/dryer that we have little money for.
So, as you see, life is full of big emotions this week. And I don’t even USE the washer/dryer. Jk.

Friday, immediately after the memorial service for our friend, we leave for our big road trip to California. I sincerely hope to find rest, peace, and much time for prayer as we drive. And drive. And drive.

I’ll be posting from Cali – with any luck – next Tues!
Stay tuned!





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tuesdays for tea 09.04.14

p4030021Ahhhh, another tea, another tuesday, another random chat about nothiing much in particular.

It is a GORGEOUS, warming up, sunny day out here in Vancouver! That just lifts the spirit any day.

Since my “garden trials” turned out ok (more on that later), we decided yesterday on our extra day off to head out to the nursery and pick up some PLANTS! I haven’t gardened since my Grampa died, over 10 years ago. I really miss it.

Of course, everything we picked up to plant is EDIBLE. I just can’t see the point of planting something I can’t either eat or cook with. We’ve decided since we hardly use our front yard, to plant an apple tree there. We bought a variety of tree that actually has FOUR different types of apples all spliced together! We don’t dare hope to get an apple this year, but it’d sure be nice. I also planted 4 raspberry bushes along our side fence – 2 red and 2 purple so they can cross-p0linate, which is apparently important. We planted only 1 blueberry bush, so we’ll have to grab another for the same reason. We’re also planting lots of tomatoes and herbs! Bigger post on all that to follow when I regain strength in my extremeties from all that digging, weeding and turning of soil.

We’re thinking of hiring a “sleep therapist” for Boo. He woke up at 3:00, 3:30 and Hubby took him straight back into bed. The second time he gave him milk, which usually konks him out, but at 4:00 he was back. I stayed up with him on the living room floor, squirming all over the danged place, until 5:00am. We won’t last another year of this. I’ll track his sleeps first – what we did the day before vs. how he slept, bedtime routine, etc. If I can’t figure it out from that, perhaps the sleep therapist can.

So, off to make my tea this morning! I think I’ll take it straight up, no “latte’ing” the heck out of it today.

Have a wonderful tuesday!





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tuesdays for tea 09.04.06

p4030025Finally! A “tea” pic actually taken my MOI TRULY! I bought a set of 2 of these lovely little tea sips at a flea market in Toronto a few years back. I have never, ever used them. They’re just too fragile! But so lovely to look at.

Today I am vowing to hug my kids. A lot. Every minute. And the ones that aren’t here to hug (school schmool), I’ll text over and over.

We don’t have cable in the house (for now…), but even when we did we never watched News. We don’t subscribe or read any newspapers. We are blissfully out of the loop. If there’s something we really need to know about (a murder? in the park I was just about to start walking the boys once a week??), dear Nana or a friend somehow let’s us know. Otherwise, TOO DANGED DEPRESSING!! And I don’t want to be sad all the time.

Personal life is often hard enough to take as it is, without taking on the world’s personal lives. I now know of 3 people – friends of close friends – who are struggling or dying of cancer. In the past 5 years we have witnessed at least 5 divorces of people near to us. Children we know have suffered tragedy. I sat with a gfriend just last night who is a Dr. and told me (why, btw???) story after story of pain and loss.

Watching “Sliding Doors” last night with my daughters and (re)heard the line “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” from Monty Python. I can’t live expecting tragedy to strike at every corner. For today, I have my health. For today, I have my family. For today, my friends are here. Certainly we should have compassion for the suffering world around us. But we should also embrace each day we are given as it’s own little gift – and enjoy it as best we can.

Now, where did those little rug rats go – Momma needs a hug.

I promise – PROMISE – to be much more chipper next Tuesday.
No, really.

Now, go hug somebody.