10 Things I LOVE : 09.05 Roadtrip edition!

It’s easy to find 10 things I LOVE about Roadtrips.
And probably as easy to find 10 things I hate, but we’re focusing on the love here, baby.

1. Freedom. I love getting in my car and just going. No stress getting to the airport on time, if you’re stuck in traffic, you have all your comforts with you, if you want to stop you may and if you change your mind, you just go somewhere else. Ahhhh, freedom.


2. Turtle-syndrome. Is that a thing?? I love having my home on my back, all my stuff with me wherever I may go. Flying you pack 1 bag plus 1 carryon which has tons of restrictions. In my car? Dvd players, laptops, iPods, snacks, coolers with drinks, a change of clothes, 10 pairs of shoes. Seriously – who wouldn’t pack 10 pairs of shoes if they could??

3. Saving money. No matter how we cut it, our trip to Cali was $1,500 or more LESS than if we’d flown and rented a car down there. AND – the cost doesn’t go up much if we bring 2, 3 or all 4 of the kids!


4. Peace + quiet moments. Airplanes? Naps do NOT happen, even on (daytime) long-hauls. Bumpity, moving, swaying car? Guaranteed with my kids. They generally nap longer, or take TWO naps as well! Bliss. Mommy’s iPod tunes Bliss.

5. Wal-Mart Super Centres. I gotta say it again, sorry. I LOVE the fact that you can stop a few hours, you don’t have to pay $100/night for a dumpy 2-star hotel, security watches over you, and that you can shop at 2:30am if you want! Crazy fun!


6. Changing my mind. Because I can. And I will. Our last two major roadtrips, we found out-and-about places (beaches) that changed our minds on previously planned activities. And it was so easy to do with our own car, time and schedule.

7. Stocking up on new DVD’s. We use every road trip as an excuse to buy tons of new (or new-to-us) DVD’s. It passes time in the car, especially for the kids, and gives us something to hunt for on all those 2:30am Wal-Mart Super Centre shopping sprees.


8. Finding new places. Other than beaches, by car you find all kinds of stops you’d never have noticed. Outlets, Waterslides, Tulip Festivals, Olive capitals – you name it, it’s probably on the side of a major highway somewhere.

9. Real quality family time. When there’s no yelling, crying or screaming, that is. Nothing like hours and hours in close quarters with the ones you love! Really, nothing. Side note – this could also go on the “hate” list.


10. And my #1 reason to LOVE roadtrips? Because it doesn’t require me to float up in the air on a giant metal tin can. I-ya. I’d drive to Maui this summer if I could. Seriously.


*(ewwww – no makeup!)

Go take a roadtrip! Even if it’s just across town!

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Travelling with Kids – Roadtrip 2009 warmup

This SPRING, Hubby + I are driving the boys down to San Diego and back.
Hubby is trying desperately to get out of actually driving, but even with $100 per person airfares, it’s still at least $800 cheaper for the holiday for us to drive. I told him I’ll still save him money if we drive AND I spend $400 in clothes. He’s not amused.

pic-0142(no, I’m not actually driving in this photo…)

It just so happens that we’ve had to take a number of short trips, both in US and Canada, so I’ve been paying attention to the boys to prep myself for the “big’un”. Here are the top 10 things I’ll need to remember for our drive to San Diego:

1. Small boys can only go 3 hours without a pit stop to stretch. Momma can only go for 3 hours after each latte before needing to pee. That will add 4-5 hours to our driving time between here + San Fran, 2 hrs between SF + LA.

2. Target (with Starbucks!) + Wal-Mart (Supercentre) are good places to stop. Boys like to run up and down aisles and inbetween clothes – let ’em go for it (sorry, Target + WalMart employees…). At one I get a latte, at the other we can pick up fruit + drinks, etc. Win, win, win.

3. Put boys each in a seat that reclines slightly for longer napping times. Leave a seat between them for avoiding fights to save Momma’s sanity, and for fitting their new lap trays to play on.

4. ALWAYS, always have the following handy: can opener, swiss army knife, napkins, empty kiddie cups that don’t leak when they get thrown onto the floor or left on a seat. The seat that I’ll most likely end up sitting on next.

5. Have a full supply of GOLDFISH in all 3 flavors, to be purchased at first Target stop, on hand at all times.

6. Take Gramma/Grampa’s GPS to find all necessary Targets and Walmart Supercenters before the actual turnoffs.

7. For the “itchies” between stops, have at least 3-4 small “treats”, and a few new DVD’s to watch hidden to pull out for emergency surprises, aka BRIBES, also to be purchased at first Target stop – secretly.

8. Momma to bring her own music. LOUD for driving later in the evening to keep her awake, MELLOW for a sanity break during boys naps.

9. Bring a few learning tools for the car rides for “extra fun”, aka School!

10. If all else fails – get out the bubbles.


2 months to go… and counting.