I’ve been at this blog thing for less than two weeks, and I must say it’s been interesting.

There’s an entire world out there I had NO IDEA existed. I seriously thought I was “up on things” just by having Facebook. Tres naive. I had previously been sent links to Pioneer Woman, but I thought it was a one-off special kinda websitey thing. (admittedly hers is still the only one I actually read, but I think it’s more a website than a blog). In the past week I’ve been googling around various blogs to see what the heck this stuff is all about.

I can’t BELIEVE it! Just in “Mom Blogs” alone (which I’ve read is a term Mom’s who Blog don’t like) there are links for Mom’s who work, Mom’s at home, Mom’s with large families, Mom’s who Homeschool, etc, etc, etc. AND THERE ARE MILLIONS OF ‘EM! I tried also reading my brother and sis-in-law’s blogs, but OHMYGOSH dry, unless you’re into millions of computer words.

And everyone seems to have their own reason for these creative little spaces in time. Mom’s (especially Mom’s at home, whether they also work or not) seem to need some kind of me-time outlet to journal, be creative, get their thoughts out, let their steam out – you name it. Sounds good!


But then comes the “frills” – do you post it on Mom Blog sites? do you download ads? do you find sites for extra sparkly graphics? do you do an email send out? do you seek out a following? do you offer free giveaways? WHEW! Too much fuss and pressure for me.

I’ve been continuing to question my own reasons for being here in this apparently huge cyber-world, and while looking at other sites it’s hit me. I don’t like to read other blogs. Not because they’re bad, but I’ve realized that I just don’t like to read. Words lose me (unless they’re really descriptive) – pictures move me (why don’t more blogs have more pictures than words??). I won’t even buy a cookbook unless it has a photo for every single recipe beside it.

(note I’m adding in totally random photos here to keep people like me with lazy brains entertained).


I’m visual (which I suppose is how I ended up in Architecture!). I’ve also realized, after 37 years that I really do love to write. I’ve come to assume there are masses of Mom’s who prefer to just read blogs, and ones that prefer to just write ’em.


I’ve never forgotten that time in gr. 6 or 7 living in some city on the island when I wrote an essay on Australia and won an award and got to travel somewhere to pick it up in a ceremonyish thingy (Ok, so I’ve forgotten all the details, but I’m pretty sure it’s still a valid memory). Since my 20’s, I’ve started 3 or 4 books, 2 novels, 1 screenplay and 20 lyrics (not including the 20 or so lyrics I miraculously have completed). I’ve also journaled since I was a teenager – guess this is my new edition old-lady journal version. And it’s somewhere to keep my writing-brain functioning until I can finally find the time to actually sit down and FINISH that screenplay. Or a book.

We’ll see if I can keep it up for more than a few weeks…


Blog? What’s a blog?

This whole blogging thing is pretty new to me. Msn? Got it. Gmail chat? Yep. Facebook? I’m up on it, man. A website? Got that too (kinda) (ok, so I should be working on that right now…). But I don’t know the blog. I started it just to post some photos for those poor non-facebookers I know.

At first I didn’t know what to do with it. Do you just basically talk to yourself and wonder who might listen? Is it for people who have no friends to have REAL face-time chats with? Is it just something I can use to procrastinate from work or from changing that super-stinky diaper?

It’s been a week, and I’m totally completely hooked.
And I figured out why.
I get to have THOUGHTS. I get to use my brain, think, process. I get to wonder, revel, express. GOSH, I’ve been missing not having time to journal, to sit quietly with myself. I used to have an actual BRAIN, you know! Not that work doesn’t take brain – it certainly does – but this is a different part of my brain, and it’s been shoved to the back burner for a few years too many.

Now I can have THOUGHTS whenever I dang well feel about anything I want, even at 1am. PLUS I have somewhere to dump some of the millions of pictures I keep taking…
I like blog.

Turning 40… (3 years to go and counting)

THE big 4-0 is now less than three years away… Deadlines of all kinds are probably looming. Many of my friends have already “gone over” to the other side… I’m starting to think – what do I really think about turning 40?

Today it hit me – I’m going to be getting older. (Three years still seems kinda far away, so I’m not going to really feel “older” until I’m about 39.5) (I’ll schedule the minor breakdown into my daytimer now). But not just that – I’m always going to be getting older. We get older and older day by day until our days, that finite amount we each are given, are simply done. Over. I thought, HECK, why wait until I’m 80 to wonder what it’s like to look down towards the last five years of my life? Why wait to wonder what I wish I’d DONE before my time was up?

I think first off I’d make a list…
(I’d make it a spreadsheet if this blogger’d do it – GOSH I love spreadsheets!)

THINGS I REALLY WANT TO DO BEFORE I TURN 40 (or, things I should do before I croak…):

– Check my life insurance policy…
– Write that danged will I’ve been procrastinating on for the last 6 years
– SIT STILL and read with my boys more
– SIT STILL and chat with my girls more
– Update my ongoing “journals to Kids” to continue passing all that crap in my brain onto them long after I’m not here to read or chat
– Finish those scrapbooks!
– Take one utterly relaxing, do nothing, sleep-as-much-as-I-want vacation… *sigh*. by myself. oooooh, feel the bliss!
– Catch up on sleep, then get more sleep
– Go on some dates with Husband
– Have a few more great dinners with friends of all kinds
– Read my Bible cover-to-cover one more time
– Take one more big family vacation (I might even consider a cruise) (nah, who’m I kiddin’?)
– Finish that screenplay… or at least write a few more chapters… ok, just add some notes on the margins and call it a day.
– Perfect my bouillabaise, eat at least 2 more cassoulet’s and have 3 more crab dinners
– Start walking more to lose the weight from all that food so I don’t die feeling so lumpy
– Plan one heck of a 40th birthday party.

Good start. (Although odd to note that the thing I most seem to want to do before I rest for eternity is… well, rest.)
Forty – here I come!