Homeschool #014 – Where the Wind Blows…

I am continually taken by surprise with Homeschooling. Especially when the best days are the least intended.

This day we were at breakfast, at the kitchen island as always, just me and my two homeys.
Tt sees one of his craft cases nearby, opens it and proceeds to make a knight puppet with a popsicle stick.


Then another.
Then we find a few knight-related crafts, like where you cut out the body and insert your fingers for legs.


So then, thinks Momma, we should make a puppet theatre.


And, naturally, it should be adapted for “Castle”, then easily changed for another day when we’re, say, in the mood for an “Ocean” adventure.


And on it goes…

Another day he asked if he could use a silver pen and black paper so he could put some star stickers in a “sky”. We ended up talking satellites, planets, shooting stars, tiny + far vs. bigger + close, etc.


Somehow that ran into stickers on frogs and their habitats and what they eat, then snakes.
Then that ran into Egyptian Hieroglyphics of all things, with discussions on Mummies, cats, cobras and pyramids.

I absolutely could not have planned a space-to-frogs-to-snake-to-ancient-egypt learning moment. Although I did, I suppose, plant the seeds with what we read and by having collections of books and stickers and art supplies all handy. (Gotta give myself – and Hubby’s pocketbook – SOME credit!!).
Isn’t the young mind just a wonder?


Book Review : the “Ultimate”

Ok, so I don’t read a ton of books. Yet.
With 4 kids at home, it’ll be a few years still until I can find an hour or two out of their reach, and off the computer ;-).

However, here is one I love to peruse, and whether you’re a homeschooler or not, there are great ideas for learning to be found.


This book is FULL of 1-paragraph submissions from people (mostly Moms) from all over US, Canada and probably elsewhere. All give a creative way to learn. There are so many (500+!) you can take and pick ideas, depending on your own child’s interests, learning level, fun-level.

Each “idea” is under a heading, such as “Communication”, then sub-headings such as “Spelling”, “Reading”, etc.

We’ve tried:

  • “Fundial” on p154 : Draw you child’s shadow at various points of the day in chalk on the sidewalk, always standing and facing away from the same point. Draw an arc to mimic the arc the sun makes in the sky.
  • “Rice Write” on p114 : Layer rice on a baking tray for practicing letter-writing.
  • “Tactile Letters” on p89 : I revised this one. We cut out a hard cardboard cutout of each letter of the alphabet and every week we’d decorate a new one, practice writing it, come up with words that started with it, and put it all in an “alphabet book”.
  • “I Love YOU” on p45 : Start with “I love you”, then the other responds “I love you too”. Keep it going with “I love you three!” and see how far you can get.

You can find the book on (or .com I suppose!) :