Food, Glorious FOOD!

Haven’t had TONS of time to cook this past year, but we still see to manage to eat well !

p3300002Grilled trout, with lemons + parsley

p4130006Eldest daughter, B’s from-scratch Angel Food cake – YUM!

p41400251MMMmmmm – crabbies and clammies, in hot garlicy butter, with caesar (of course!) and fresh-squeezed lemonade to boot!

p4140014Even Boo is getting all gourmet – care for a San Pellegrino anyone? That trip to Italy really stuck with him…

p4130047And you know it’s warming up (slightly) when the roasting of the sh’mallows begins… perfect toastiness is an art form ;-).

Happy Eating from our house to yours!





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The Diet – Spreadsheet version

I’ve been doing ongoing “healthy eating” research to come up with a diet plan for myself, and my family.
It’s all this “at home” time since I’ve stopped working as much – I can always find projects to be done.

Anywho, I developed this spreadsheet based on a few popular eating diets.
If you understand nutrition, it’ll be easy – enough – to follow. If not, just nod your head and smile.
A meal plan index is soon to come that should be FAR easier to relate to!

Do note, that as no one in my family is currently under any immediate health concerns, I don’t plan to follow ANY plan absolutely 100%. My personal hope is to follow strict – buy yummy – eating habits most of the time, and still enjoy a completely banned meal once in awhile. Who, really, could ever give up goat cheese? Or white wine? Ahhhh, food.

In general we keep our dinners mostly to a portioned size of meat and bowlfuls of veggies, which seems to follow every diet listed.
I rarely eat fruits anyhow, but when I do I now try to keep mostly to the “supers” – blueberries, cranberries, goji’s, things like that.
We’ve tossed all our white rice for wild brown and I LOVE it so much more.
I need to sort out still appropriate breaky’s + lunches, so that’s my next step.

Anyhow, for all/any interested, here is my research to date!
(Aaaaannd, if I were a little more tech-savy, I’d have a downloadable pdf. But I’m not. If anyone knows how I do this, feel free to let me know!).

foods-1foods-2foods-3foods-4If you’re a vegetarian, you’re on your own figuring out how to use this matrix ;-). I’m not familiar with meat-substitutes and don’t eat many a bean.

More to follow!





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The Wonderfully Versatile Baguette

I’m not a “breads” person, but I love a good baguette.
Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy in. Ahhhh.

We stop every Thursday at our local Granville Island markets and pick one up.


We eat.
We feed birds.
(Don’t they look skinny and starving?? ya, riiiight.)


We have a few slices with our dinner.
Then it’s left in the bag to stale overnight.


Stale baguette – sounds… crunchy.
In the am, we have stale baguette french toast, with syrup and blueberries. It softens up juuuuust so nice.


At noon we finish it off with buttered baguette toasties, goat cheese and tomato slices. Ahhhhh.
It also makes for great thin-sliced, garlic-and-cheese basted crackers with dinner.
OR plain and stale to soup as biscotti to a latte.


Wonderful, versatile.


Food Photos

Until I can find some better sidebar widgets AND figure out how to use ’em, I’ll post some photos here in this neat-o slide show. You can even attach music! Although my speakers aren’t working, so I have no idea if I attached a good song or not.

Naturally, the photos are all of food.
Unfortunately they’re not staged, or well-lit, or anything fancy, taken with any one of the many cameras floating about here, so some might be fuzzy.

But does your mouth not water?!
And they all bring to me the memories of meals shared with my family.

Suddenly I can’t believe it’s only 10lbs of middle girth I’m at war against – I really should weigh much, much more with all the food we eat around here.


10 things I LOVE – 09.01

1. New Years “things we reflect on” list. Every New Years Eve Hubby and I write a list of things that happened – good, bad + ugly – throughout the just-passed year. It’s always a full, full list.

2. New Years dinners. I can’t believe I missed it this year! I always make my fanciest meal of the year on NYE, but this year, alas, I was too ill. Hubby jumped in and made roast beef and about 5 different starches for our guests. That’s so Hubby.

3. Cafe de Paris. I LOVE this restaurant! We go probably only once a year, but it’s always worth it. Cafe de Paris – Denman St.


4. SNOW!? I DO still love snow, but rained-on snow is beginning to be a different story…


5. T’s smile… I just can’t get enough of it. He’s becoming such a young man! (Guess I could have combed his hair that day… it WAS Christmas, after all!) (see blog).


6. Mini DVD players – ours has come in handy SO many times. YET, it’s not actually ATTACHED to our vehicle, so I’m not stuck saying “No, you can’t watch a cartoon every time we’re in the car, you must actually talk with your Mother once in awhile”.

7. Boxing Day shopping. It still beats out Black Friday for me. Maybe just because it’s so close to home. This year all I found was this one shirt, which wasn’t even on much of a sale…


8. Starting a fresh daytimer. ALTHOUGH, that said, I do have a 16-month daytimer this time, and it started last September, so I’m still on it. I LOVE this one – my moleskine. LOVE it. Bought it last summer at Chapters.


9. Reading about Paris. So far I’ve only gotten as far as the Eyewitness Guide, but I even love those. I’ve started re-reading mine in prep for Paris 2011. Ahhh, Paris. I’ve updated my Page – check it out.


10. Nail buffing. It’s been around for-ev-er, I’m sure, but I used to try to clear polish and my nails would ALWAYS split. The last month or two A and I have been “buffing” and not only does the shine last for weeks, it doesn’t require nasty nail polish remover! Ahhh, my nails are lookin’ FINE.

10 things I LOVE – 08.12.01

There are a lotta things I love in life… Here are the next 10!
(For the first 10, see blog)

1. My Family. Awwww! Hubby and Kids are just swell. Something else I love? Family Photos. Of all of us. Together. I’m taking them all the time, but we also take one every year to put into our Christmas cards.


2. Road Trips. Even if they are just down to Seattle and back! I love just getting into a car and going, wherever, whenever. I love the freedom of a car to stop when I danged well please. And, so, I must also love my roomy Toyota Sienna…

3. Lists. Hand-written, day-timered, texted, emailed – oooh, I love all kinds of lists. Countdowns, things to do, 10-year plans (yes, I did, but honestly – 10 years?) (yaaa, I actually made one to follow the “big events” of the next 20…). If ever I need to sum up my life, it’ll be a series of detailed lists with accompanying spreadsheets, with a few photos thrown in.

4. My PHONE. Samsung BlackJack. I swear I can text at least 50wpm on this baby. HOW did people survive before being able to get all their emails, text and voice messages ALL on their phone!?! I have no idea. It must have been a measly existence. BUT, we bought B the iPhone for her 17th bday… I think I’ll be upgrading soon… And A just got a similar one to mine that flips so your screen doesn’t get so scratched… hmmm.


5. Swapmeets. What a great way to score cheap Lego! And Bionicles! And Hot Wheels! Sure, you have to drive all the way to Tim-buck-too, spending countless dollars in gas… But seriously – $0.25 Hot Wheels – come on! Who wouldn’t grab that?
I find the Greater Vancouver ones at this website:

6. Exposure. South Granville is one of THE places I like to shop – it’s close, in the summers we walk all the way down, and it’s got some funky stuff. B, A and I always find at least one thing to sneak onto the Visa when Hubby isn’t looking. My last purchase there was two great tops.

7. RICEWORKS chips!! I’m soooo in my happy place when I eat these. It lists the fat/calories per 10 chips… guess I have to multiply by 10 for one of my servings – yikes. No longer such a “healthy choice” when you totally gorge on them.


8. Pear and Brown Sugar crepes. *sigh*. Nothing beats a morning down at Granville Island, starting with a pear and brown sugar crepe and a latte in the food court, heading to Oyama (see the last “10 things” list) to buy “supplies” and heading home to prepare for a dinner party.

9. Boo’s eyelashes. I just love ’em. (see blog)


10. Christmas Trees!! We have ours up by or on DEC 1st every year. The lights have been up since early November! What can I say? I love to be festive. I love making occasions, even the small ones, special. Every year we “theme” our Christmas – blue/silver, red/silver, green/silver (I’m not big on gold), and we pick the decorations to go with our wrapping paper so it’s all “coordinating”.