10 Things I LOVE : 09.04

1. Spring! When it’s NOT raining. It’s not my FAVORITE season – that’d have to be fall, but I do love the newness and anticipation that Spring brings. I love the starting over. I love knowing that summer is near(ish). I love starting to get outdoors again. I love making all our holiday plans!


2. Eating from my own garden! There is nothing better than making a recipe and saying “Oh, I have this ingredient down in my garden. I’ll go get it.” Of course, all I’ll have this year are tomatoes and raspberries, so we’ll be eating a LOT of tomato salad and raspberries on French Butter Cake


3. BLOGGING 😉. I’m 160 posts in, and busy as all heck, and still manage to have things to say just about every day. People are even reading – AND COMMENTING! I love – LOVE – getting comments and answer every single one. It’s validating, sure, but I also enjoy the ongoing conversation of it. The comments always add to the piece, so it’s cool that way. I already have the Poetry of Life poems set up to post twice a month through until OCTOBER. Ooooh, the anticipation !!.


4. Dinners. Family dinners, dinner parties – give me 90 minutes in the kitchen, and preferrably an unlimited budge, and I’m in my happy place. Dinners out get harder the better you begin to cook, but if it’s something I woudn’t cook at home, I still enjoy it! Once a year I get two dinner cravings – and only ONCE a year : for a Big Mac and for Chinese Food. Chinese was done last night, so I’m good for another year. We’ll talk about that Big Mac.


5. My sleep… Oh, I do love my sleep. I miss my sleep, desperately. I love my pillow – I take it with me on every holiday to ward off bad sleeps. I love my warm fuzzy blanket. I love my med-hard bed. So far these two hotels have offered THE ABSOLUTE BEST sleeps : Manteo Resort in Kelowna, BC and the Sofitel at the Heathrow Airport in London. THE best beds in my life.

6. OPI. We have a bit of nailpolish and are ever-collecting, but must say OPI is our fave. Not only great colors, but they go on smoooooth as silk, and aren’t too soupy or gloppy. Are soupy and gloppy words? Who cares. We particularily liked the “France” collection.


7. Fashion. Love to look at clothes. Always have. Always will. Wish I had money and time to dress half way decent. Always have. Always will. ‘Nuff said. Check out my “wish list” and my “Fashion picks“. I won’t bore you with a photo of how I currently dress. Yawn.

8. Homeschooling. I’m so excited for September to come! To get a teacher-aide, to get fresh new boxes of books, to watch Tt on his first soccer team, to sign up for piano (oh, wait… that will likely be painful…). Ahhhh, it’s hard to wait for Sept when you really don’t even have to ;-). Tt? Not sure I would use the word “excited”. He still thinks that school IN ANY FORM is “optional”. *sigh*.


9. Thrifty shopping! Guilt-free shopping – who knew? So far the only things I pick up are collared shirts for the boys (mostly Boo – the older ones are too worn or just plain old UG-leee), and kitchen gadgets, but it’s the thrill of the hunt. We’ve about exhausted the thrift stores and will be moving up to “home consignment” stores in the near future. Will keep everyone posted, I’m sure ;-).


10. Tea. Nothing like beginning the day with a cup of tea while making the boys breakfast, reading our Bible story and talking. And nothing like ending the day with a cup of tea while softly tapping away at my computer (except for that DANGED “I” key which Boo yanked off that never sits quite right and so I BANG it into place and say bad words) visiting people near and far. Ahhhhh, tea. Especially on tuesdays ;-).

Which ones do YOU love too??





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Fashion Files

Most people don’t know this, but before I went into Architecture I had planned to become a fashion designer. You’d never guess by how UNfashionable I dress… I designed and helped sew both my grad dresses (middle school + high school). The designs are too embarassing to publish… SOoooo pink. I can’t stand pink – what was I thinking?? Good thing I chose to design houses rather than dresses. I seem to be much better at it.

But, my hopes have not completely died for a fashionable existence. I keep a “fashion file” of things dreamed of and hoped for… One day… When I have time, awareness, money and a renewed ability to sew.

Looking through my book last night with my younger daughter, A, I see a lot of common threads (!) of the style I would have, had I more time, awareness, money and ability to sew. *sigh*.


I love it. All of it.
The boots (Choo) ($1,200 US!! ya…) are a perfect white – not “go-go” white, but a subtle ivory. Sweet.
The jewery, the shirt, all of it. fab-u-lous.


I have no idea who designed anything on this page… It wouldn’t matter – I’d never be able to afford designer originals. It’s more the shapes and textures I love.

Colors colors everywhere! In a different life, I loved colors. In my real life, I’m all black and white. Slowly but surely I’ve been adding more and more colors to my wardrobe through bags and scarves. Next up – colorful jewelry.

From left to right: Marni (LOVE LOVE LOVE that crop fuzzy jacket); Bottega Veneta; In Rochas (does anything NOT look great on Jennifer Aniston??); and, ignore the boots – there’s a coat I liked folded up that didn’t get in the photo.

Little grey coat – NY Collection, Macy’s. I actually could have afforded this one ($65US), but now it’s probably long gone (some of these pics are from YEARS ago). *sigh*. Ashley Olsen in Calvin Klein – I’ve never liked her outfits, but this is simply pretty. Under – GORGEOUS satin/organza gown by Nina Ricci. As if I’d ever have a place to wear it…

LOVE LOVE the black patent-leather sachet purse by Gucci. OOOHHhh, if only I had L900 on me. That’s just under $2,000 Cdn. For a bag. Maybe Target sells a knock-off… I have a grey dress similar to this one, which I now MUST find a skinny scarf to wrap around the waist of. Must.

Just saw these cute slips for updating any old skirt – A-dor-A-ble. And, that pale Michael Kors tank/flowy skirt?? OH, how I dream of wearing that as I walk about barefoot on a tropical island. I’m also noticing jackets with a slightly interesting cut. Not toooo intersting, mind you. I’m classic at heart.

I also keep clippings of beautiful – simple – hairstyles that one day I’ll try. One day. Must train daughters to do my hair, and vice versa. Noted.

And can’t forget my hopes of one day updating my liquid-eyeliner based look. I save clips of anyone with green eyes, just in case I one day find the time to try out makeup looks. By then, of course, I’ll be too old to wear these looks and get away with it, but c’est la vie.

And that’s only half of my clippings!
Won’t I just look SOGREAT and fabulous one day???
Of course I’ll be 60 by then, and will need a whole new book of clippings for “older women”, but it’s always good to have a dream. You’ve gotta have a dream. What’s your dream?

Enjoy the latest In Style, Vogue or whatever else is your pleasure!





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