It’s just fabulous…

6a00e5505fecd388330111689bd5be970c-320wiIn the spirit of one of my favorite bloggers, Simply Seleta, here is a quick bite on something I think is FABULOUS!

Last night I spent the evening with a dear old friend. Today I’m spending the day with the boys – I’m about to make breakfast (yes, it’s already 8:30am!), we’ll head out to soccer, then I’ll pick up the SIXTY-FIVE scrapbook pages of last years misc. adventures I finally finished and printed. After the girls are home from school, we’ll hang for a bit before Hubby and I go out for dinner with old friends. Tomorrow we spend with Gramma, Grampa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nana (Gt-Gramma), then Sunday we have lunch with friends and dinner with more family.

I think it’s fabulous – and I’m so blessed – to have friends and family surrounding us at all times.

Go visit Seleta – I love reading about her fabulous finds, her fabulous beach life and her fabulous 4 kids!

God’s Fingerprint

I just happened upon a blog (Beki) asking for views on interpreting God’s fingerprint in your life.
I was being thankful earlier today for my family.
8.5 years ago I was a single gal, happy, gainfully employed in my chosen field of Architecture, but praying to meet some new friends I could hang out with once in awhile. Or even just once. I was happy, sure, but getting bored.

God had been planning for quite some time, unbeknownst to me.

That same summer I took a chance attending practice golf games for a tournament with an old friend. My first time out with his friends, new to me, I met this guy. This guy who wore a Mickey Mouse baseball hat and wasn’t even phased by the odd bad shot.

Fast forward and here we are, myself, my Hubby, (his) our two now teenage daughters and our two small sons. Biologically 5 of us are first-borns, all from very different places, brought together as a family. It’s a long story (you can wait for the screenplay) (should I soon get back to it) that screams over and over “Made by God”. Our family is close, it’s happy, it’s crazy, it’s complicated. It’s got God’s fingerprints all over it. I can tell, because it works.

header-041Gotta love it.


Dinners around the World – France edition

Every year the girls have birthdays, and although they always have a party with their friends, we naturally we want to celebrate with our immediate family as well in some way. When they were younger and everyone was far less busy, we had cousins of all ages come for big “kids” parties. But as the girls got older, and people got busier, it evolved into a new tradition with our immediate family – Dinners around the World.


We started one summer with A and have continued ever since! It’s been nice to have both sides of the in-town (or near-town) family over to sit and enjoy a festive meal. At each girls’ birthday, she picks a country to “visit” and I (we) make all the food from that area. We often also try to set up decorations – one year B made a zillion origami cranes for A’s visit to Japan and hung them all over the house! It was crazy!


So far the girls have visited Italy, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, India – and now France. My personal favorite, because I so often cook French food, but the girls weren’t going to choose it for their “visit” because I make it all the time.


This will be B’s last “visit” dinner before she’s all off being College-y (*sniff*) and we’ll take the opportunity to evolve our tradition further, so I made a bit of an extra special effort. Pates, cheeses, baguettes. Wine, sparkling waters and lemonade. Goat cheese puffs and Escargot. Delicious salad with herbs and pomme frites. (Oh, my mouth is watering just typing this!!!) (How it is possible we’re not all 300lbs is beyond me). Sole Normand and Chicken Tarragon. Cauliflower gratin and Asparagus.  Fresh fruit terrine with raspberry coulis and macaroons. Whew!


Three days of planning and cooking everything from scratch (I even had to MAKE my own almond flour), 1 hour to gobble it all up.


Younger daughter A still has about 3 Dinners around the World to go, then I’ll wait a few years before starting a new tradition with the boys. I’m sure there will be a way to tie it into their homeschooling too ;-). And I leave myself wondering what I’d cook from Russia. Or Africa. Or … OHH! The possibilities are endless!


Happy #17, my dear B!


Ooohh, those eyes…

Boo’s eyelashes, Tt’s smile – A’s eyes. (We’re working our way UP the Kid ladder).


When A smiles, her entire being sparkles. It’s hard to imagine this little mouse of a girl wouldn’t even step one foot out of her Daddy’s shadow is now this glowing, (growing!), confident young woman.

n516490519_1683120_754(here she is w/ one of her cousins – they all take these shots of themselves by the ZILLIONS!)

I love how she always seems to know when you’re sneaking up for a casual photo and she suddenly turns and gives you this big smile with those sparkly eyes.

dsc_1682(notice A is the only one aware of the camera!)

She never misses a photo beat!


And why should she?

Rain, rain, you can stay (but only while we play today)

Who knew two little boys could have so much fun in the rain? Well, I suppose they ARE little boys…


Feeding the pigeons (and those nasty seagulls) at Granville Island is one of the boys favorite things to do, it’s just that Momma prefers to do it when it’s nice and hot and sunny outside. And I have a jumbo latte in hand. And a dry chair.


But, today I had to pick up my FRENCH CASSOULET’S at Oyama Sausage (see Things I LOVE). I ordered it a few months ago as they come out only once a year, so I’m pretty excited to eat it up. We also bought a mini-baguette from Terra Breads (do the pigeons appreciate a fresh baked french baguette vs day old stale whatever?! I highly doubt it, greedy gooses), and tossed it to the birds.


Tt was doing all the feeding, while Boo just wanted to chase “Buh”s all over, and of course run through every puddle twice. Or more.


Ahhhh, a wet, rainy Vancouver day is not wasted on us this time!


Hard to imagine they both left in tears, isn’t it… Tt got bit on the finger by an especially greedy goose (actually a pigeon, I just like saying “goose”), so we had to go NOW, much to Boo’s anger and dismay. Ah, well, it was time – Boo was soaking wet and covered in bird crap anyhow. Nasty gooses.


Looks like both boys got over their tears. Naps cure all sorts of ills.

Oooohh, that smile…

I had a post about Boo’s eyelashes turning me to mush… With Tt it’s that smile.
OOohhh, that smile.

And even though he smiles practically all the time,

It still takes about 100 shots to get JUST that one that comes close to capturing it.

But then I take another 100 shots just because the more I click the more he smiles (usually while trying to run away from my camera).

And his smile makes me smile.