Easter Weekend

I spent much of Easter long weekend with complete and utter fatigue, and almost-migraines, despite the mass caffiene intake… ThankGOODNESS for Advil or it would have been a complete write-off.

HOWEVER, there were many a hilight to the weekend…

  • Thurs pm after Hubby was finished work we went out to pick up MIKEY!mikey-1
  • Friday Hubby + Tt went to see “Monsters vs. Aliens”, which according to one was “the worst” and to the other “great”. You can guess who said which.monsters-aliens
  • Friday was also filled with cat snuggles… And the girls were home for the weekend! YAY! We rented movies, ate junk + chilled. Sweeeeet.p4100122
  • Saturday I drove A to her vball tourney for the day, while Hubby and the other 3 played. We came home to a wonderful lamb, caesar and corn dinner. YUM! The girls didn’t play as well as they’d hoped, but I did a DANG-GOOD job at scorekeeping, so at least one of us did well!
  • Oh, and Momma beat Hubby at a game of crib. Guess it was just MY weekend!
  • Sunday am we were all up for waffle breaky and Easter service. A man in a kilt played my all-time favorite song – Amazing Grace – on the bagpipes. Beautiful.
  • Then out to the mall for Japanese for lunch. All you can eat. We ate 56 items between 6 of us. And only stopped because it was taking so long anyhow. Then I took Hubby next door to the pet store and introduced him to our next pet – a Beagle.
  • Momma + Tt read some books and did an “easter craft” of painting eggs to paste to a basket. We’ll take it to SFran with us in another TEN DAYS for my Bro + wife.
  • The 4 kids played at home after being outside. Spontaneously! So nice to watch. Leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart – especially thinking of B going off to Uni soon…noname-1
  • Momma made “Breaky for Dinner” – eggs benny. YUM! A + Momma were already tired after lunch, so we changed into our jammies right away – before walking to the corner for groceries! I’m sure people thought we were strange. We took this pic to show how strange we were – even though you can’t even see our jammies and rain boots. Trust me, we looked ridic-ulus.3
  • Right after dinner B + Hubby went out for a drive around her soon-to-be-new campus together! They had great chats and a nice time, from what I’m told.
  • I set up “Cozy Corner” for Boo + Tt to watch some cartoon while B, A, Hubby and I watched “Sex in the City” movie. OF COURSE, I bawled. Again.


  • Hubby and Momma taught A how to play crib, while B started a bake-a-thon with her friend (for the record, Angel Food cake from scratch is SOOOOGOOOOOD!). Momma won. Again.

Ahhhh. The girls go off tomorrow am, but we still have one whole day at home – what to do! Clean the house? Put down soil for my tomatoes? Do some more work? Sit around and eat leftover French Butter cake and Angel Food cake?? The options are endless.

Regardless, it’s been a lovely, relaxing weekend with no one much about except us 6.
Just wonderful.
I hope your weekends were all filled with great memories too.


Nothing like the First Snow!

Tt likes to be inside. For the most part we prefer to be inside LOOKING at the first snow from our warm couch. Perhaps with a hot cup of cocoa… Ahhh… Boo, on the other hand, loves the great outdoors. But, a good dose of white powder can ALMOST get even me outside, and Saturday evening we got just that. (And, no, I didn’t go out…) (I said ALMOST…).


It was quite a role reversal for the boys when Tt happily smacked on his boots and ski pants and went out to play after a good night of solid snowing.


Boo preferred to remain on the edges… That white stuff is scary, man! WHY is the ground fluffy and white?!



He stood here for quite some time.

But, Tt and Hubby looked like they were having sooo much fun…


He finally (and hesitantly) ventured out – good boy!