Empty Nester, Phase 1.3

Letting go happens so gradually, you almost don’t even realize.

At the beginning of your child’s – especially your OLDEST – grade 12 year you think, “Ohmygoodness! How did we get HERE already? Well, at least we have a year before actual graduation!”. Then you get caught up in grad photos, dresses, Christmas, university applications, prom, the “last high school… this and that”, and POOF! As suddenly as it came, that year is gone, and your once 8-yr old daughter is now TELLING you (not asking, I might add) that she’ll be taking the car for grad and will be home around 4am. (It’s 6:30am and she’s not home yet – they decided to start a harry potter marathon??! crazy kids!).

Bri - DSC_0029

And you look back a bit, realizing that gradually you have indeed come to this point.

Bri - DSC_00530

And then you look at the next one, and you realize that while you were obsessing over the moving on of one child, your next one has sneakily grown leaps and bounds of their own. Somewhere along the line, you let go a little bit of her too, allowing her to take the bus on her own, hang out at the mall and meet friends more often.

Even Tt has suddenly gone from holding my leg and wanting me RIGHTTHERE to waving goodbye as he runs off across the park to the soccer field, looking back only to give me a thumbs up that he’s got his coach and is good to go. If it wasn’t so danged cute, I’d cry! But you just let go a little bit, and move on, thinking, “Well, at least my BABY still needs me. I can still cling to HIM!”.

Boo is much more mobile now too. How do they all let go of me at once??
He’s up and down stairs, doesn’t need help getting around or up on his chair and plays with his toys on his own for periods of time.

I watched B last night as she played outside with her little brothers, so happy. In a few months she’ll be off, living in Residence, taking University classes, meeting new friends, attending a new church and playing PREMIUM volleyball ;-). I’m going to miss her, and I’m sure the boys will too, but hopefully she’ll be home often.

Bri - DSC_0052

And in the meantime, it’s probably best I keep a closer eye on that sneaky-growing-up daughter #2…

The good part of letting go a little bit more, is that more time for me = more time to blog!

blog signoff 2

8 Responses

  1. Wow. Your girls are stunners and they sound like they’re just as beautiful on the inside too.

    Jim Croce had it wrong. If I could save time in a bottle, I’d use it on my kids!

  2. Mindee : Yep – they’re keepers, those gals. Although it’s hard to let go of them, there’s nothing like the relief you feel from a job well done, and kids turned out just right!

  3. They are such lovely girls. And they do sound sweet, as well. This makes my heart ache, for we’re not quite there yet…but it will be sooner than I think.
    Our neighbors daughter is home from her first year in college, and on the way back to our house after church (we walk) she and her mom were ahead of us. My own daughter was in front of me, and I said to her,”Pretty soon you’ll be coming home from your first year in college!” I was trying to make her laugh. Without turning around or skipping a beat she responded,”You’re crazy!” I think she was smiling though.
    Sooner than I think…

  4. Christina : Sooner than you think, I’m afraid… I’m already trying to find lots of reasons for B to come home on weekends ;-). I like to peel off bandaids slowly.

  5. Wow. B looks soo beautiful. I can’t believe she’s grown up so fast into a lovely young woman. GOOD JOB!!! :-))

  6. Cindy : Yes, she was/is gorgeous! I wish I’d gotten more pics, but rush, rush of course. Can’t wait to see all our little guys in their tuxes down the road!!

  7. My goodness, but they’re beautiful! I bet you have to beat the boys with sticks to keep them away.

  8. Katie : Well, just the one in the blue is mine ;-). But, yeah, gorgeous! Then again, I might not even look half bad after getting my hair + makeup done! Lol. And she beats the boys away herself. She’s pretty good at that!

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