Homeschool #017 – Fear of Science…

Have I mentioned in any of my homeschooling posts that I have a fear of all things science?? It was just never my favorite subject. The only part I kind of enjoyed was Physics, but that doesn’t mean I retained and/or understood any of it. I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to handle science over the coming 13 years of K-12. None. Zip.

I’m hoping it will magically come together. Scientifically speaking.

Between trips to places like Science World and the Exploratorium and their gift shops, I’m hoping buying “science kits” and a wack of books will create said magic. We bought an electricity kit from the Exploratorium (San Fran), and Tt was all over it – he LOVED it. He may not understand what a magnetic switch in an electrical loop is, but he can show you how to make one! (And he can show you over and over and over and…)


Of all places, Fry’s Electronics (US) sells these cute little science kits. We bought one on crystals, and B was excited to help Tt make 3 experiments. Tt LOVES experiments now. “Let’s do an experiment, ok Mom?”.



Now even mixing homemade lemonade counts as an experiment ;-).

We’ve also been taking 1-hr workshops at Science World on Plants, Float/Sink, Rockets, etc and Tt loves them. Then we pick up some of these small intro kits – we have “magnetism”, and next will buy “light”. At this age, it’s really just a familiarity with something, he doesn’t completely understand it. And neither do I…


I’m afraid I have a kid who (so far) thinks science is really cool, matched with a Mom who is afraid of science. I’m guessing that as he gets older, he’ll either be so into it he’ll basically be able to teach himself, or I’ll send him to Science classes…

Lord help us!

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6 Responses

  1. It’s so great that you’re doing this stuff with them though. Science was a bust for us in the end this year, even though we started out doing well! It was a crazy year…but, we’ll see what the next one brings. So far it seems like you’re on the right track!

  2. What a great idea! It’s amazing all the fun stuff they have to help you learn. I wish they had cool stuff like that when I was little!

  3. Christina : It’s also great to have two teenagers here who have taken every science imaginable!! I think of them as my assistants ;-).

  4. Tabitha : If they had cool stuff like this, I might have actually learned! Now if only I had the budget to match all the fun stuff prices…

  5. Science rules.

  6. Bill (aka Bond, aka Darth) : Geeks rule. ;-).

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