tuesdays for tea : 09.05.12

the daily green dot comAhhh. Tuesday. Somehow it’s just my day to breathe over a cup ‘o tea.

Over the weekend I went with my Mom + Nana to a farmer’s market. There wasn’t much there, but inside another building was a tea shoppe, and I found a lovely Cream Earl Gray. Add a splash of vanilla syrup, and YUM. Sunday I was back on iced coffees since it was so warm and I have a fab new insulated cup from Starbucks ;-).

Mikey is meowing at my feet for his breaky. As it turned out, there is a lady in town who’s life is spent helping sick cats find homes. Our sick cat had a home, so she offered to cover the surgeries Mikey needed to get back in tip top shape. Amazing – we are still in shock, after having made the call to have him put down because we just didn’t have the $2,000 to help a sick, older cat that we’d only had 5 days. Amazing! He seems very happy, is eating, and avoiding Boo…

Mother’s Day was lovely, and in fact took up an entire weekend. We just know how to party around here! I got to spend quality time with each of my kids individually, drink wine ’til all hours with a friend I’d lost touch with, see my Mom + Nana, go for brunch and on Sunday I got to do something I’ve only been dreaming of – sleep 12 hours. Bliss!

My garden is growing! On the weekend we also had our neighbours over for dinner/wine/marshmellow roasting. We chat all the time, and had been talking about getting together since we’d moved in 6 years ago, so it was nice to finally do it. Anywhoo, they told us that this old, dingy area below our sunroom used to be used as a hot house for tomatoes/etc! OHMYGOSH! I hadn’t even thought of it. So, I made Hubby clean out all his tools, and hopefully he’ll re-install some shelving and I’ll get right on a bunch more of them ter-mat-ers.

Well, work has been keeping me busy these days, taking my evenings away from too much blogging, but I do miss writing and most of all looking up old and new blogs to peruse! I’ll get back at’cha all soon.

Peace out,

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8 Responses

  1. A hot house? How wonderful. Fresh tomatoes are the BEST!

  2. Mindee : I KNOW! I can’t wait to get it all cleaned out!! And next year to actually start great colored heirloom tom’s from seeds. YUM!!

  3. Good Tuesday morning to you, thank you for the lovely comment 😀

    I think after I sort my mountain of laundry, I’m gonna make some decaff earl grey… yum! Usually I do coffee, I loves me some coffee, but you inspired me to take it easy and enjoy some tea 😀


  4. Claudia : Enjoy your tea! I’ve never liked coffee, but being part of my anti-migraine campaign, I do still enjoy the odd non-fat latte. BUT, then I’m trying not to drink so much milk, so it’s mostly now either tea or non-fat tea lattes! SO MANY OPTIONS!! Lol. Have a wonderful tuesday with your tea!

  5. I’m a tea girl myself. I love tea.

    It’s wonderful that somebody was able to help with the cat – very cool.

    (Just wanted to add that my blog design is just a free one I downloaded and put up myself. I love it too, but I didn’t pay a dime for it and it isn’t really “mine”. Anybody could find it and use it.)

    Have a great Tuesday.

  6. K : OOooh, you shouldn’t have told me that about your blog design!!! I might have to “steal” it next time I’m needing a change…!!!

  7. Where did you find the Cream Earl Grey? I’ve been looking for that.

  8. Joan : I found it at Lonsdale Quay, but I believe it was also at a Tea place on Broadway near the non-Fir St Earls (the other one… Heather? can’t recall…). It’s sooooo nice, and creamy!

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