Happy Mother’s Day to Me + You!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s, Grama’s and Great-Grama’s out there!

We ‘did’ Mother’s Day on Saturday this year and had a good time.

It was a sunny day! I picked up Nana and met my Mom/Dad at a Farmer’s Market in North Vancouver for a walk-about. Tt joined in the fun and had a good time running about with his Grampa. He’d made me a lovely bracelet out of metallic pipe cleaners that I wore all day.

We left there and met Hubby, the girls and Boo at a Milestone’s in West Van for a brunch.
They brought me a lovely card and all the Moms some flowers!

And of course there was shopping nearby, so we walked about and shopped!

But I only bought something for B, then later something for A… I told them they owe me next year ;-).


We went on home and played in the backyard, gardened, the girls did a bit of homework, had a friend over, then our neighbours stopped by with their granddaughter and we ended up BBQ’g and roasting ‘schmallows – YUM!

My younger daughter A had made me this WONDERFUL cake from a Williams-Sonoma mix we’d bought while shopping together on South Granville the night before! It was YUM!

It’s another sunny day and we’re off to Mother’s Day service (via Starbucks non-fat easy-iced latte), Japanese food for lunch and shops in Kerrisdale. I saw a lovely bracelet the other day while shopping with B that I think I NEED as my gift for raising 4 wonderful kids :-).

Enjoy your day!

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6 Responses

  1. What a lovely day with your equally lovely family.

    And, well, I notice there is some cake left over there. I could use a piece of that delicious looking cake here.

  2. What sweet pictures. You really don’t look old enough to have teenage children!

  3. Mindee : Not sure how cake travels in the mail! OH, but if you hit Williams-Sonoma to look for a box of vanilla cake mix (!), they have a FANTASTIC new Oreo cookie (brownie) cake pan that we can not WAIT TO GET!! I’m thinking Father’s Day for that one…

  4. Tabitha : OOoohh, thanks! You’re now my most favoritist blogger! ;-).

  5. Love the pictures, Ali!

  6. Joan : Thanks!! Loved yours too!

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