tuesdays for tea 09.05.05

upload-wikimedia-orgEnjoyed a lovely African Rooibos last night, btw. Rooibos is definately my favorite tea – for the evening. Unfortunately it’s naturally decaf, and doesn’t work for my morning anti-migraine ritual.

Well, back from a holiday! And that always means one thing – I need a holiday. I need sleep! Why, oh why, do I never get to sleep on holidays??? Every night Hubby and I were crashed out by 9 or 10pm, and the last two nights at home I’ve gone to bed at 8:30, and still I am tired. Thanks entirely to Boo for religiously waking up with SCREAMS at 1:30, 3:00 and 6:00 am’s. *sigh*.

We came home to a bit of cat-drama. Mikey has been living at the vet the past two weeks. We had him home for only about 6 days before taking him in for checkups, figuring if he hadn’t run away in a week he knew he lived here and he was “ours”. The vet found ulcers in his mouth – can you say PAIN??  We came home to the vet telling us that while he’s done well on all his meds, he now needs a $2,000 oral surgery/geriatric panel. Apparently he is OLD. We don’t have $2,000 to spend on a really OLD, stray cat. And the SPCA doesn’t take really OLD, sick cats. So our only option was to have him put down, and Hubby had the wonderful task of going to the vet last night to discuss. We’ll see what today holds.

Otherwise, back to life as normal! I have a new client to meet this week, and other work to get caught up on, as well as dinners, parties, driving the girls around. I literally have NO IDEA how I’m going to get everything done, so hopefully I’ll surprise myself! Ya, right. But I can truly say life is never dull around here.

On the bright side, my new apple tree has blossoms!!

Have a great week!






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6 Responses

  1. Blossoms on the apple tree sound lovely!

    Migraines are just miserable.

    I love tea, but haven’t tried that kind.

  2. You poor thing, going to the vet is never fun especially when they have bad news. I know you’ll make the right decision for you and your family though.

  3. Tabitha : Thanks! It’s actually all turned out – stay tuned ;-).

  4. Beki : Well, go on out there and buy some Rooibos!! You’ll love it!

  5. My favourite rooibos is chocolate rooibos from “T”. But they don’t make it anymore. ?? So now I like their vanilla rooibos. They don’t make hazelnut rooibos anymore either, another favourite.

  6. Joan : OOoooh, vanilla rooibos has got to be my absolute FAVE – so far!
    When are we going out for tea, btw???

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