Gardening : Trial Runs + Beginnings

Garden time!
I haven’t planted a garden since my Grampa died, over 10 years ago. Gardens remind me of him. Then, and now, I just have never seen the point of planting anything I can’t EAT.


This was my “trial run” – potted herbs bought from the grocery store.
They have neared death many times already.
We seem to be in a steady two-way relationship now.
I water every day, they make my food yummy every day.


This was a sunflower seed we planted at a homeschool group. Our bean-stalk project last year birthed ONE BEAN before it died, so we’ll see how we do with this one… So far, so good.


All was well, so we ventured this past day off into deeper waters.
Tomato starters.


A blueberry plant (apparently we need a second so it can “mate” – who knew??).
And should I even ask – WHAT is mushroom fertilizer? Do mushrooms actually poop??


Red AND PURPLE!! raspberries. I never knew there WERE purple raspberries! I hope they don’t taste like crap, because I’m really excited! They’d better grow…


More herbs…


And the piece de resistance – an APPLE TREE for our front yard!
Tt was so excited about his blueberries and his apple tree, he actually snuggled them the whole way home.
I hope he’s just as excited about weeding…

Let the growing begin!





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