Wedding Memories

My kid cousin, GC just asked a cute gal to marry him – and she agreed!
Ahhh, young love.


It’s made me look back an entire 6.5 years to my own wedding.
I don’t mind saying it was fabulous.


Hubby and I, and the girls, were all married together at the Vancouver Art Gallery, in the Rotunda.
We each had a close couple stand with us. I LOVED that we were facing everyone – it was fun to see everyone faces rather than have them stare at our backs. And it was ok to be standing – the ceremony was only 15 mins long!


A sang a song for us, with B playing piano and my new bro-in-law accompanying on guitar. Aren’t those two just soo WEE?? They performed “A Whole New World” from Alladin. Sweet.
While my uncle performed the ceremony.


With photos and videos taken by a few friends all afternoon in a park and at a gorgeous hotel across the street.
In dresses – including mine – made by my Nana.


We even jumped in the fountain… It was FREEZING.

This (below) is Hubby’s most favorite photo from our wedding. I like it too!
We’d takenĀ  Yellow Cabs from the hotel to more photos, then back for the evening wedding.


This one, taken by my best lady, was my favorite.
The nice thing about having friends do our photography was that we could “afford” 3 official photographers and ended up with a big variety of shots.
I’m lucky there was no dog poop on this grass…

Here we are with each of our “besties” couple that stood with us – mine on the left, his on the right.
You can’t see, but it’s an old (“vintage”) dark red velvet couch we rented from the prop shops.
Had to mention it.


Me + my new daughters.
When they found out we were getting married, B jumped up and down for 20 minutes shouting “I have a new Mom!!”. They were VERY excited, and we exchanged rings with them as well in the ceremony.
They’re both taller than me now…


Then a stand up reception, with friends’ jazz band, in amongst the art…
We rented all the plants and furniture from a local movie prop place.

Ain’t we sweet?

wedding-03I think we should re-marry each other one day just for the party.






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