Financial Perspective

Hubby is an orderly Accountant. I’m an free-livin’ Artist. We’d get along just fine if I had more financial control, and if he had more financial perspective.

Hubby gets wound up in the moment, and his entire personality completely changes from fairly casual to worried, stressed, moody and worried. Did I mention worried twice? He loves to worry. But once a month he ESPECIALLY loves to worry. I call it “his time of the month”. Bills time.


The other night I was out with a girlfriend, but started to text him that I would be home soon. He answers:

H : “I’m worried and depressed. We can’t seem to get on top of our finances.”

Me : “Don’t worry – we’ll be fine. We’ve always been fine, we are fine, and we’ll always be fine.”

H : “But, this, this, this and this came up and now we have to go into our line of credit – again. I just can’t see how we’re going to get out of this hole. That’s ok, I don’t mind going to Kelowna for my bday this year. It doesn’t have to be special.” (We’re supposed to go to Maui – his special pick – for his big-decade bday this year) (do note the self-pity party…).

Me : “Well, how much are we short this month?”

H : “We have to go $800 into our line of credit.”

Me : “$800? Total?”

H : “Yep.” (you can just feeeeel the mood in his texting)

Me : “THAT’S AWESOME!!!!!!

H : “Huh?”

Me : “$800 short? And that’s all this year?’ (In the first 3 months of this year I’ve spent $2,000 LESS than our daily budget, I’d really like to add here).

H : “Yep.”

Me : “Well, last year at this time we were $9,000 short AND I was working last year. We’re only $800 short in the first quarter of the year and that’s without me working? That’s awesome!! We’re doing great!”.


All in your perspective.
Same $800 short this month (we bought the boys bunkbeds, and apparently used lots of heat).
Same financial glass. But when it’s his time of the month, he always sees it half empty.
Different perspectives.

I’d refused to come in the house until he’d smartened up.
When I finally did, he was smiling again.
Whew – made it through another PMS’g (Perspective-free Money Stress) Hubby episode! We’re good until May.

And Maui, here we come ;-).





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2 Responses

  1. my husband’s the same with the half glass is empty thing. When he’s down, everything is awful and never gonna get better.

    Good for you cheering him up. I’m not that patient *g*

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. It was nice checking yours out. Love the great photos!

  2. Zee : Nice to hear my hubby’s not the only nut! And I’m still working on the photos… They’ll get better, I promise! Lol!

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