the Poetry of Life – #005

While sleep continues to elude me00840022
I try to remember days less moody.
I’m certain there was a time long ago
When I didn’t swing quite so ‘to and fro’…
The life I had back ‘in the days’
Were full of friends, dinners, plays;
A time when I was more relaxed
Happy, carefree, less perplexed.
But none of the things from then I’d trade
For the life into which I’ve now forayed.
I wouldn’t give up the littlest bits
Of the memories I have with my own four kids.

copyright 2009 AKent



4 Responses

  1. I love this poem! Beautiful!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday!

  2. Oh, thanks!
    And thanks for stopping by and thanking me for stopping by ;-).

  3. You are such a talented writer. I adore your poetry. I have always found writing poetry to be such a challenge.

    Your prose seems so effortless.


  4. baybchicks : Glad someone enjoys it – I’ve got about 15 more cued up! It’s probably effortless because it’s so silly. Anything goes when it’s all sillyness ;-).

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