Whew! That’s a mouthful!
Well, I’m back at work, after a totally not relaxing 3 whole months “off”. Thanks, Boo, for those precious sleepless nights, btw.

I must say, being a SAHM (stay at home mom, for those non-bloggies who haven’t encountered the lingo!) could suit me, had I more rest to truly get into the groove. And more cash to truly get into the shops.


In the past 3 months I actually loaded and unloaded the dishes into/out of the dishwasher at least 6 times. I managed to do 3 or 4 loads of laundry that wasn’t mine (I generally do my own, although not so often…). I tracked our daily finances. We ate at home far more, as I had time to do more cooking. I cleaned out a few of the rooms in the house. Like, at least 2 of them. Maybe. Ok, fine, I just cleaned one. I got almost up to date on my scrapbooking after being an entire year behind. And I managed to blog – a lot! Not bad for 3 months of officially being “the house-bound” person of the family!


But, it wasn’t meant to be forever. Today I had a meeting for two house renovations, and I must admit, it felt great to be “back in the game” – and to have reasons to wear all those high heels I’d stocked up the past few years. Fortunately they’re small jobs, and hopefully I’ll adjust back to being a Working-Homeschooling-Staying At Home Mom (of 4). Because, Lord knows, we sure could use the cash ;-).





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