tuesdays for tea 09.04.06

p4030025Finally! A “tea” pic actually taken my MOI TRULY! I bought a set of 2 of these lovely little tea sips at a flea market in Toronto a few years back. I have never, ever used them. They’re just too fragile! But so lovely to look at.

Today I am vowing to hug my kids. A lot. Every minute. And the ones that aren’t here to hug (school schmool), I’ll text over and over.

We don’t have cable in the house (for now…), but even when we did we never watched News. We don’t subscribe or read any newspapers. We are blissfully out of the loop. If there’s something we really need to know about (a murder? in the park I was just about to start walking the boys once a week??), dear Nana or a friend somehow let’s us know. Otherwise, TOO DANGED DEPRESSING!! And I don’t want to be sad all the time.

Personal life is often hard enough to take as it is, without taking on the world’s personal lives. I now know of 3 people – friends of close friends – who are struggling or dying of cancer. In the past 5 years we have witnessed at least 5 divorces of people near to us. Children we know have suffered tragedy. I sat with a gfriend just last night who is a Dr. and told me (why, btw???) story after story of pain and loss.

Watching “Sliding Doors” last night with my daughters and (re)heard the line “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” from Monty Python. I can’t live expecting tragedy to strike at every corner. For today, I have my health. For today, I have my family. For today, my friends are here. Certainly we should have compassion for the suffering world around us. But we should also embrace each day we are given as it’s own little gift – and enjoy it as best we can.

Now, where did those little rug rats go – Momma needs a hug.

I promise – PROMISE – to be much more chipper next Tuesday.
No, really.

Now, go hug somebody.


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