Family Dinners

If you’ve read any of my site, you know by now I love food. Good food – not just any food, although I have been known to eat the odd Big Mac. One of the other things I love is my family, so it goes without question that eating food with my entire family is bliss.

While we generally all eat breaky at different times, the boys and I last at around 8:30am (gotta LOVE homeschooling!!), and we’re usually apart at work/school/out for lunches, but dinner is ALWAYS our together time.

I love that we always eat dinner together as a family, even if it’s only a 15-minute dinner between various volleyball practices. I don’t even mind that it’s sometimes rushed, as long as we’re together.

And because it means so much to me, I usually find a way to make it special. With a special dish, with special place settings, with special fancy lemonade drinks, whatever I can find, even if it’s just set at the kitchen island.


For the ceasar salad recipe, go here.

This was a “fancier” dinner, but sometimes I set the table like this for no reason. Or because it’s Wednesday. Or because I had nothing else to do while my roast cooked. Well, not with the centerpiece, but you get the idea.

Sometimes it’s just soup and sandwhiches, in pretty little new bowls for spring…


A pretty table makes for a little celebration.
And, any time my family is together for a meal, it’s a little celebration!

Enjoy a dinner with your family!





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