Thrifty Finds : Metal Bowls

Had a FUN day of thrift store shopping last weekend with good friend NR.
OOOOhhhh, the finds. And it’s (almost) guilt-free shopping when everything costs less than $5!
Most things were $1.99!

But I actually found these two silver bowls on two previous and separate occasions…

p3280193(I’m using my daughters BRIGHT pink camera to take this – can you tell?!!?)

Now comes the challenge of finding either more, or flat platters that “go” with them. I had no luck on either today.

I did, however, find these treasures.


Don’t they look SOOOO Martha??! They absolutely do NOT match a single thing in my kitchen, except the silver bowls above, but what-ev-ah. They were gorgeous. And only $7 for the set.


I also found 4 crystal (I think… I’m pretty sure…) glasses to go with my other 8. I like that it’s a completely different pattern than the others.


Now to invite 12 people over for dinner!
But, only 4 get the delicious dessert bowls 😉 .


8 Responses

  1. Nice finds!! Love those Martha-esque bowls!

  2. Koala : I know! I would NEVER have bought s’thing in that color otherwise. Too pastel-y for me. But, somehow they work nonetheless!

  3. What great finds!! I never seem to have much luck thrifting. I think I need to hit a few auctions or estate sales this summer.

  4. Jemm : Estate Sales! I hadn’t even thought of that one! Around here I often hear of movie set sales – I should really look into that too. When I have more than $5/item to spend…

  5. LOVE those bowls. They wouldn’t match anything at my house either but I would have bought them too!

  6. Mindee : The funny thing is that now I LOOK for things to match the silly bowls! And I don’t even really like the color! Just thought they were soooo cute.

  7. Love the two silver bowl. Wouldn’t have thought about going to the thrift store to find them.

  8. Jennie : Oh, wait now… the more people I tell, the more supplies will be TAKEN by the time I get there!
    Well, that could just backfire on me!

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