Aahhhh, what a treat.

The quiet and solitude of a really hot bath.

And candles.


And fresh strawberries.


And chilled white wine.


And my handy dandy notebook on which to jot all the fabulous thoughts that come steaming out of my pores.






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4 Responses

  1. Oh you have no idea how jealous I am right now. I ave been wanting a bubble bath for so long but our tub is too small so I never get to have one!

  2. Kamp Koala : OH, I so understand. We didn’t even have a tub for the first 4 years we lived here!
    Now me loves me tub. Ahhhhh.

  3. That looks like just about the perfect set up to me except I’ll take a People magazine over the notebook. 😉

  4. Mindee : Oh, yes – we love the People! Hubby has cut off daughter A and my “junk mag” habits for now (apparently it’s a waste of $$ – who knew??). But no fear, my dear People – we shall return!

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